The place where I live…



…is wonderful, hectic, beautiful, exciting, busy and absolutely exhausting, I love my life. I live in a house on a 2,500 acre lake in New Jersey that has 45 miles of shoreline (and houses) it’s always full of activity; jet skis, boats, wake boarders, swimming, fishing and family. It’s crazy but I love it. There’s a never ending list of fun things to-do, honey-do’s, wishes, never-enough-time-for and big dreams. Things we want to do. Things we will do someday and things we’ll probably never get around to.

I love to dream, I make plans for our great renovations, interior remodeling projects or my latest shopping find. But most of all I love to dream of our adventures on the lake.

Okay, it’s not perfect. I could win the lottery, never have work again and go traveling and shopping every day of my life. But then what would I dream about?!?!. At the end of every crazy hectic day I get to come home to my wonderful husband, beautiful son and a house by the lake.

Life is good when you’re lucky enough to come home to family and a view like this!

I love to sit on my deck, take a breath and look around…

and watch the beauty of the sun going down on the place where I live.

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