A tale of two jet skis



Here at my house there are many things that, should be done, can be done, would be done but don’t get done because of two little machines we have sitting in the water right behind our house. I like to call them.

Thing 1 and Thing 2


Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime


Skipper and Gilligan


…oh you get the idea

Each day the boys go out riding they walk out to the lake and get the skis ready. This entirely long, drawn out process usually takes two men at least an hour. The only answer I get every time I ask what’s taking them so long to get ready is “these things take time dear” which translates to Ugh why does she keep asking me these questions? and Girls just don’t understand?.

Give a man a seat and a motor and they turn into 10 year old boys on a mission, a mission to tinker, a mission to drive and a mission for speed…

…and to drive around in circles see who can make the bigger splash

and to taunt each other  “no dude you didn’t even come close to me I was totally going like 70”

When they come in and dock at the end of the day thoroughly washed up, soaking wet, and exhausted, they jump off  proclaim “DID YOU SEE ME FALL OFF THE JET SKI AND DO A FLIP OVER THE HANDLE BARS, I WAS GOING 50 MPH FLYING THROUGH THE AIR IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!”

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