Harvest time!



There’s a long list of reasons why I like grow vegetables in the garden but I think one of the top reasons is the satisfaction of picking what you’ve grown and making something wonderful to eat.

This year the plan was to build raised beds. When I say “we” I’m speaking in generalities of course. I do not cut wood for fear that I might chop a finger off and have to go rushing to the hospital with my finger in a bucket of ice, tears streaming, mascara running, hyperventilating, whimpering mess. It’s better to avoid situations like these. So in my best interest and best interest of my family members I stay away from saws and stick to the tools where I can’t do great bodily injury to myself or others.

Once we made sure all of our fingers and toes were accounted for and the wood was built.  We placed the beds in a great sunny spot in the yard overlooking the lake. Planting our garden to the max with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants and green beans…Yum!

We’ve cared for and loved them everyday

They’ve grown into monsters with the most delicious, juicy, mouth watering, straight off-the-vine goodness.

There’s something about the smell of tomato plants that is just scrumptiously summer.

I hear them calling

They cry out “pick me pick me”

I think we’re going to have some vegetable deliciousness tonight.

I think it’s time to start canning…if only I knew how.

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