Grooms and Grizzlys



My dear sweet wonderful husband emailed me today. Grizzlys were on his mind.  My husband is usually highly entertaining (even on a bad day) and rarely disappoints when he’s trying to charm his way into a new toy. You gotta give the man credit for creativity and effort!

* * * * *

My Dear Sweet (understanding) Bride,

Did you know, that this baby (the Yamaha Grizzly 450) can plow a driveway, AND tow over 1000lbs?  Sounds like a great overall utility vehicle to add to the fleet if you ask me, for moving boulders, firewood, gravel, dirt, around the yard?  YES, it does all those things, and much MUCH more…  Plus it gets about 25mpg, so over 100miles per tank of gas.  It comes in the awesome blue color you see below, or green, or camo…  It’s a 4 stroke, so clean and environmentally friendly, it has more ground clearance than my pickup, and has racks for extra carrying capability.  Electronic power steering, on command TRUE FULL LOCKING 4wd (meaning, ALL the wheels have power and spin when you get stuck), “Ultramatic” variable auto transmission, has a “rear wet brake” that’s encased in the fully enclosed rear differential, completely impenetrable to the elements, so it will never get wet and stop working, and zero lifetime maintenance on that system, fully independent suspension.  12v acc plug for a GPS, heated gloves, or whatever the trail throws at you.  Fully assembled in the USA!  Its fully capable of getting us to the gas station in a state of emergency to get milk, and can easily outrun hungry hordes of flesh eating zombies…  It’s really a no brainer, I think we need one on the ranch, to help with all the work we’re always doing!

2011 Yamaha Grizzly 450 Auto. 4×4

Also, I’m always going to be like this, so you may as well get used to it….

Love Always,

Your Eccentric Groom,

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