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So we bought a house back in November of 2009. It happened to be on a lake in New Jersey, it’s a mother/daughter house. My parents live downstairs.

Since then we’ve begun to do some projects around the house. I thought I’d take a look back to show where we started some 17 months ago in September 2009 during our home inspection.

Upstairs Kitchen

The eat-in kitchen is quite a large space it. I liked that it’s open to Living room and has a great view of the deck.

Upstairs Living room

The living room before felt a bit cramped that giant TV and couch are blocking half of the room.

Upstairs deck

I still can’t believe I get to look at that view everyday. This was one of the deciding factors to buy this house. You can change everything about a house but you can’t change location.

Upstairs Bathroom

This bathroom had some weird gray graffiti wallpaper going on

Downstairs Kitchen

When we bought the house it had a second full kitchen downstairs. Which is especially nice for our mother/daughter living arrangement.

Downstairs main living area

One of the main reasons we bought this house was the way it was set-up. It has 2 distinct floors with 2 kitchen’s which makes it perfect for our mother/daughter living arrangement. This layout meant we could move right in without any major modifications.  Also the house was in good condition overall, we didn’t need to gut the entire interior for us to be able to move in.

The only bad part about the house was the upstairs white carpets were in pretty dingy condition. But lucky for us during the home inspection we noticed glorious original hardwood floors in great condition under those dingy white carpets.

But after weighing all the options we still picked this house because of  Location, Location, Location and we couldn’t be happier!

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