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So we bought a house back in November 2009, since then we’ve been busy updating things around the house. The first big project we tackled was to rip up the old white carpet and have the original hardwood floors refinished underneath.

We were super excited when we discovered hardwood underneath the dingy white carpets during our home inspection. Keeping our fingers crossed that the entire floor once uncovered was in good enough shape to refinish, we began the working on a plan. We felt that having the floors complete before we moved all the furniture upstairs would be the best option due to the inherent mess and dust that comes with that sort of project.

So we began planning our options, first we considered refinishing the hardwood floors ourselves, but after considering the small window in time we wanted them complete and the other various projects , we decided it be best to get some professional quotes. With a professional we could have it done ASAP and move onto anyone of our other planned projects we had…like finding our clothes so we could stop washing and re-wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again.

We called a number of local places to receive quotes, we settled on one contractor that used a “Dust Containment System and a non-toxic finish that would dry in 3-4 hours. We made a deal with the contractor for us to do the labor to pull up the carpets and staples to save on some money¬† and for $1.50 a square foot or about $1,500 we would have sanded, stained and sealed floors with one day labor a mere 3 days after we closed on our first house! wohoo!

Now came the hard part…actually attempting to paint and pull up the carpeting in the whole house over the weekend before the contractor was set to arrive on MONDAY!

The husband with the help of some dedicated hardworking friends started to pull up the carpeting in the living room, two bedrooms and hallway the day after we closed on our house.

Bryan and friends began by cutting up the old carpet into strips and rolling up the pieces to haul them outside to dump.

Now that all the dingy white carpet had been cut, rolled, hauled and dumped we were left with the carpet tacking strips around the perimeter of all the rooms. Once we got a look at all the tack strips left behind we had some serious reconsidering on how smart it was to do this ourselves. There were THOUSAAANDS of tiny tacks that had to be pulled out by hand not to mention the white powder that lay underneath from the break down of the carpet padding and dirt that works it’s way though the carpet over the years.

The carpet tack strips are pieces of wood about 1 inch wide they are nailed to the floor and have highly-sharp tacks protruding out of them at about a 60 degree angle. The strips are what holds the carpeting down and tight around a room and stops it from wrinkling.

So, after hours and hours of the guys pulling tacks and strips out of the floor (I was exempt from this one since I was 5 months pregnant at the time) they were swept and prepped ready for the floor re-finishers to come and transform them!

Here’s the Before of the living room during our home inspection with the last owner’s furniture and carpeting.

Now here’s the After shot, a few things to move and we’re all ready to rock and roll and refinish.

Good job dear!

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