Fun times in floor refinishing



After one heck of a weekend of cutting, rolling hauling and dumping old carpeting  everything was swept and prepped and ready bright and early Monday morning for the floors to be refinished. Yup, it was a tight squeeze but we did it,  with the help of a couple hardworking friends that work for beer and pizza. You can see how we cut, rolled, hauled and dumped here.

Arriving bright and early as promised came a trailer equipped with workers, sanders, stain and hoses for a virtually dust free, fume free, floor sanding experience.

They started by filling  any old holes and deep scratches in the floor with stain-able wood filler, then started sanding the perimeter of the living room. Then they made a couple passes using the large belt sander with first coarse sand paper than a finer version. Their sanders were hooked up to large hoses that fed outside to their trailer where a large vacuum containment system waited to suck most of the dust out of the house.  These guys were serious.

A couple of hours later what once had been  old, dirty white carpeting a mere 2 days earlier had been prepped, filled and sanded to perfectly blond smooth pristine hardwood floors.

This rooms gets TONS of light streaming into it from a combination of southern exposure and two sliding glass doors. We wanted a rich, dramatic and sophisticated look and felt that dark floors would be just perfect. We chose Minwax wood stain in Red Mahogany. One coat of stain was all it took to transform the floors into the rich dark floors  combined with the hint of red is just what we were hoping for.

After waiting a bit for the stain to dry the guys came back with 2 coats of a water based top coat, that dried to a perfect satin finish. We loved the fact that it was water based, fast drying and has less odor than a typical top coat. We especially love how the satin finished turned out. Often, dark floors tend to show dust and scratches more than light floors, the satin finish minimizes the appearance of dust and scratches that accumulate over time . We think they turned out fantastic and totally transformed the living room.

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