Product roundup: Copper outdoor accessories



The use of copper can be traced back some 10,000 years to some of the most ancient civilizations in the world, It has been associated with the mythological goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. So, as spring draws near I’m focusing my attention for the very first product guide on 10 outdoor items with a touch of copper.  Depending on how it’s finished copper can vary from bright and shiny to rough and rustic. But,you can be sure no matter how it’s presented  it’s lustrious beauty will liven up any outdoor space.

Images above: 1. Classic Copper Window Box $198; 2. Copper Bucket $229; 3. Outdoor Copper Firepit $299; 4. Sailboat Weathervane $131; 5. Pisa Copper Oil garden Torches $79.50 for 2: 6. Copper Patio Heater $297; 7. Copper Hose Holder $52.99; 8. Copper Garden Gate $399; 9. Copper Planter $49.99; 10. Copper Wall Clock

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