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Our bathroom has left much to be desired in terms of reflecting our style.  At the moment it functions well so we can’t justify ripping out all of the hard surface and starting from scratch while there are so many other projects to be done. However we do want to spruce the bath up a bit by changing certain elements and updating what we can while we work through our other projects on our list. Eventually we’ll make our way back to the bathroom for a full-Monty type makeover.

Right now this is how the bathroom stacks up. The floor tile is a matt black 4 x 4 tile. Wall tile has a gray vein pattern with a black and gray diamond accent border. The tub, shower and sink are gray/blue color which matches the wall tile. We have a fabulous $9 light fixture (no joke I saw it at home depot) which is total function without any form and the finally the wallpaper has a gray and blue splatter paint quality that makes me sing U.G.L.Y you ain’t got no alibi you ugly.

Since we’re not taking out any of the fixtures at the moment we need something that will compliment the grayish blue quality of the wall tile and fixtures, a complete renovation is out of the question for the moment, we’ll need something that will work with what’s currently there while not breaking the bank.

When we began talking about our budget friendly bathroom remodel found an inspiration photo with a blue wall color. I know it’s bold but I think it’s just the cure for the current drab state it’s in now.

I think the blue and white scheme will go nicely with our current tiling a fixtures and will look cohesive when it’s all said and done.  So even though the existing tile wouldn’t be our first choice it’ll look like it belongs in that bathroom when we’re finished. After finding our inspiration photo I began putting together the plan to bring this look home.

1. Hampton Bay 3 light vanity, $59.96–We need to swap out our builder $9 light fixture, it’s currently the only light source in the bathroom. We think this one will compensate for the removal of the blinding light of the 500 wattage light fixture we currently have and provide a soothing spa like lighting situation.

2. Berry Blossom Giclees, $369,96–I love these prints from one of my favorite sites, Ballard Designs but at $369.96 they’re a bit out of budget for our budget bathroom redo. I have a plan to create my own which I’ll be posting soon.

3. Benjamin Moore Paint, Newburyport Blue –Yup it’s bold but we think it’s just the right punch of color to liven up our gloomy gray bathroom.

4. MOEN Retreat Towel Ring, $16.42 –I think towel rings are much more convenient than towel bars, they hold the perfect size towel for drying your hands without the “only for company” towels propped up on a towel bar.

5. Hickory Hardware  Satin Nickel Euro Pull, $6.17 — Nothing updates any cabinet quicker than adding new cabinet pulls. We like the clean lines of these pulls to bring the whole brushed nickel we’ve got going on together.

6. Glacier Bay Faucet, $34.00 — We’ve looked high and low but nothing compared to the Glacier Bay faucet we found for the price.

7. American Living Hamilton Bath Rug, $12.99-$49.99 — These rugs from JCPenney in white will be the perfect soft touch underfoot to brighten up the black floor tile.

8. Daintree Fabric Shower Curtain, $39.99 — I like the fluid lines of the flower design on this curtain, combined with the gray tones and pops of color it’ll be the perfect accent to some of the harder elements living in the bathroom.

So that’s where we’re headed, next stop stripping down the wallpaper we’ll keep you posted on the step-by-step of the stripping process.

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  • missy

    I love everything about your makeovers! I always have great intentions, but usually they remain as such. Now I really do plan to get busy — starting with blad bathroom! Last week I purchased the shower curtain in blue. Then today I discovered your site!
    Thank you

    • Maria

      Thanks Missy! I kind of have the same problem too, although i find that writing about them forces me to finish. Hope your bathroom turns out wonderful.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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