You win some, you return some



When it comes to returning items I’m no stranger to the customer service desk but that still never doesn’t stop me from cringing when I bring something home that I really hope will fit, looked perfectly great in the store, but somehow ended up being not quite right in the space.

Yup, burned again by not measuring before I go out shopping and  impulse buy based upon memory of the size rug I should get, completely veering off the planned course into uncharted bathroom rug territory!

What I originally planned to buy was this rug from in white (pictured #7 above in my bathroom inspiration board). What I liked about it was the texture of the ribbing and the white color will lighten up the black floor tile in our bathroom along with the non-slip nylon backing that I’ve come to appreciate in a bathroom rug after stepping out of the shower one day onto a bathroom rug that didn’t have any backing and nearly breaking my ankle.

No seriously it was that bad.

In any case I’ve come to realize the fatal flaw in my plan was underestimating my level of impatience. Waiting  for the UPS man to arrive with the  rug I hadn’t yet gotten around to ordering yet seemed like a long time to wait when I could just run out to the store and buy one.  I mean how hard could it be to find a white rug? Way harder than I imagined.

Oh well, maybe I learned my lesson…I guess it’s back to the original plan. Time for some internet shopping 🙂

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