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We new right from the very beginning that we’d love this house for the location and the fact that it was move-in ready fitting our needs right then, but to truly make it our long-term home we’d need to expand somewhere along the way. So that’s where has come in. It’s the great little online floor planning tool that’s super easy to use and really helps you see what moving a wall, adding a foot or adding a whole second story can do for your house. But, the best part about it is it’s  F.R.E.E. to use a basic account, no more graph paper and ruler for me!

I’ve been spending the past few days measuring, planning, and virtually building walls to get down on paper what our long-term vision is for this house. While a few things might change as we go along we think we’re headed in the right direction. So without further ado…

Our current floorplan…

and drum roll please…the vision of our new and improved floor plan

Some of the big changes are:

  • An addition onto back of the house where the original deck was
  • Adding some space out the side to give us a true entry way. (Right now the way you walk up to the house you’re confused as to which way to enter).
  • A dining area AND an eat-in kitchen
  • The living room moved to the back of the house
  • We’ve added another bathroom and an office
  • More counter space in the kitchen
  • And maybe most importantly (at least in my book) additional closets

So that’s the pie in the sky vision to turn our lake house into our forever house.  Now we just need to make this vision a reality. What do you think of our forever home plans?

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