Budget bathroom redo: Making progress



We’ve been making progress in our Budget Bathroom redo, hitting some snafu’s along the way including a couple of colds a fever and an ear infection, but alls good now and we’re set to go.  So far we’ve stripped the wallpaper, changed out the ugly old $9 lighting fixture that was only good if you’re putting on makeup for a Broadway play, moved the mirror and painted a bold blue color to work with the existing colors we’ve got going on in the tile.

But, let’s back up for a minute after removing the wallpaper, we decided we needed to move the mirror down a few inches . It was awkwardly placed at the old height. Call us strange but one of our criteria for mirror placement in a bathroom is to be able to see yourself while you’re trying to get dressed in the morning without standing on your tip toes.

We started by first removing the mirror, luckily this part was was super duper easy since there were only a few mirror clips holding it to the wall and no glue. A couple of turns  of the screwdriver and BAM the mirror came down in one nice lovely piece. No 7 years bad luck for this bathroom. No siree.

After that a few tiles needed to be removed to accommodate the mirror sliding down. We tried as carefully as possible to pry off a few of the tiles above the back-splash to allow room. We used the old tried and true method of sliding some putty knives between the tiles and the wall. Working them back and forth loosening each tile as we went.

It was quite a messy process removing the wall tiles. Unfortunately no matter how hard you try when removing tiles sometimes you get some damage to the drywall behind the tile. What happens is the tiles adhere to the paper backing on the drywall. When you try to pry them off the wall it sometime pulls the paper backing with it and some drywall bits. No too pretty is it?


Fortunately it’s nothing that a little patching and some future molding we’re planning on adding to the mirror won’t cure. We patched the wall with a putty knife and some drywall compound, speeding up the drying process by placing a fan on the counter top and aiming it at the wall. We’re a bit impatient some days.  Once it was dry we sanded it smooth, we knew it didn’t have to be perfect because it will be covered up again soon enough. I love patch jobs and molding. It can cure so many boo boos.

Next it was time to put our perfectly reusable mirror back on the wall.We decided to reuse it after a couple hours wasted looking at tons of medicine cabinets that neither one of us could agree on. They were either too small, too big, not pretty enough or too expensive for our bathroom project. So back on the wall our mirror went with a couple of dollops (that’s right i said dollops) of mirror mastic which is some sticky stuff. Allowing space for the molding below that we’ll use to dress it up.

Then it was on to the paint job. Yup, we’re going bold! We needed something that would go with the current tile which has gray blue undertones in the tile border. We couldn’t replace the tile now for now so we decided to embrace it.  Once the first stroke of wall color went on the wall we knew we decided right. It started to pull the whole room together.

Finally we added some casement trim to the mirror, bought at Home Depot, it’s the same stuff that would go around doors and windows. We mitered the corner at a 45 degree angle and put it up like a picture frame around the mirror.

And here’s how the mirror turned out once the molding is up…pretty impressive for a few dollars in molding and a few nails to hold it in place the mirror went from boring to interesting in no time.That’s a sneak peak of the shower curtain we found at Home Goods for around $14.00 can’t beat that.

We’ll post more as the bathroom takes shape and we add all the finishing touches for pretty pictures. For now, we’re pretty pleased with the way it’s coming along.

So for a few dollars in molding and a few nails to hold it in place the mirror went from boring to interesting in no time.
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