365 days ago…



…our baby boy was born. 365 days ago at 3:53 am.

We knew you were going to change our lives, but oh boy, we didn’t even have a clue!

366 days ago you were 3 days past your due date and oh boy, we thought the day would never come when you would arrive.

In 365 days we’ve rocked you, walked you, snuggled you, fed you, changed you and loved you. You have, sat up, crawled, walked,┬ásaid your first words and got your first tooth. What a year it’s been baby boy! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you’ll know, until the day your little one comes into the world.

Pardon us while we go snuggle our baby boy and remember what life was like just 365 days ago today.

Happy 1st Birthday Nikolas!

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