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When it comes to projects around the house it’s easy to get distracted by shiny objects (like I do) and veer off the originally intended course. Lists are a must in this house to keep us moving in the right direction, not to mention the untold satisfaction of crossing an item off the list.  A list allows us to contemplate our options and plan for the future. We can jot down those big-ticket changes we’ll have to save for and the little projects that will only cost a few dollars but just take some time to complete. We find that we get so much more accomplished with a list staring at you. So this weekend I walked around the house, pen and paper in hand, took and good look around and started listing like crazy including simple updates we’re sure about, ideas we haven’t thought all the way through yet , some stuff that’s been on our list for a while, and some that might change as we plan for the addition.  Because I’m such a die-hard list junky I thought I’d share what’s on our evolving to-do list including some things we just finished.

  • Prime and paint the oak kitchen cabinets
  • Add decorative feet to the base of the kitchen cabinets
  • Add crown molding to the kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen island
  • New counter tops
  • Replace the Kitchen back-splash
  • New more energy efficient appliances
  • Change out the flooring (maybe someday)
Living room
  • New sectional sofa (we recently ordered one from Potterybarn)
  • Console table for behind the sofa. (Possibly build one if we can’t find one)
  • Install new baseboard molding
  • Install crown molding
  • Paint door molding (it’s already been changed out just need the time to paint it)
  • New coffee table (possibly a round one)
  • Sew some new pillow covers
  • Reupholster old chairs that are in the attic
  • Mount TV on the wall
  • New TV stand
  • New artwork
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Paint
  • Add molding around mirror
  • New faucet
  • New hardware
  • Linen cabinet to fit in the awkward empty space between the wall and the cabinet
  • Crown molding
  • Figure out a color palette
  • Build an upholstered headboard with some awesome nail-head trim
  • Build/buy platform storage bed either with plans from ana-white or buy an ikea frame
  • Paint
  • Feature wall, possibly with some cool graphic element
  • New nightstands/paint the old ones
  • Refinish dresser
  • Crown molding
  • Replace existing drafty window with something a bit higher for privacy
  • Sew new curtains
  • New bedding
  • New pillows
  • Update lighting
  • Update and Organize closet
  • New artwork

So basically it we just like to write everything down, we generally start in a room and pick those projects that don’t seem too daunting and just go for it. Of course we jump around when we feel like it , add and subtract as we go along and save for the bigger projects that will take more time. We write down tons of things including the DIY art work I want to make but don’t quite know what it is yet and eventually in a few years we’ll look back and see everything we crossed off the list.

Check out our floor plan post so you can see which rooms we’re talking about

To-do list stationary found here on ETSY

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  • Julie

    Hi Maria and Bryan – stopped by your blog after seeing the link on Knock Off Decor. Loved your project and may attempt it at some future date after I finish some other ongoing projects! I enjoyed reading your other blog entries. Way to go on the bathroom – looks fantastic – great choice on the paint color. I, too, live on a lake (in Northwest Montana) so it was fun seeing your lake life across the country from mine. Unfortunately our boat won’t hit the water for awhile – it was 27 degrees and snowing this morning 🙁 At least the ice on the lake finally totally melted this past weekend and the geese and ducks returned. I look forward to checking back to see your future projects and gain some inspiration (I don’t know how you get so much done with a little boy!) Mine are 21 months and 5 years and I am still working on my master bedroom re-decorating project 6 months after starting . . .
    – Julie

    • Maria

      Hi Julie, Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get to try the project soon, I hope the directions are easy enough.

      We’re really happy with how the bathroom turned out. Our project took a long time too, We stripped most of the wallpaper right before the baby was born last April then all the projects stalled once he was born. We’re just starting to get back into the swing of things now that he’s getting bigger.

      27 degrees in April is no fun! We’re anxiously awaiting Spring to get here in full swing because it’s been mostly rainy and chilly here, but no where near what you guys had. Hope Spring comes to you soon!

      🙂 M

  • Sabrina

    On your list, you have a possible “build platform bed.” If you haven’t seen it already, Layla and Kevin at the has done this. SeArch their site for READING ROOM, and you’ll find pics and tutorial.

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