Bedroom Update, a Touch Yellow and Gray



We’ve begun to plan a bedroom update around here. It’s not that we hate our bedroom the way it is now, we’ve just haven’t gotten around to doing much with it…yet. It has tended to be a series of hand-me downs and leftovers from the rest of the house that didn’t quite fit anywhere else. Right now the walls are painted a muted green and while the green might feel nice in another room it makes this room feel a bit on the dark side. So we’re going for a cheerful vibe this time around. What could be more cheerful than yellow? We’re loving a yellow and gray color scheme to bring some light to our bedroom. Here’s what we’re thinking we’ll do to update to our current bland bedroom.


  1. Our inspiration colors just happen to come from the Triana Plate collection from Crate & Barrel.  I love the soft yellow, green and gray colors. They strike me as just the right touch of cheery and colorful without being too in your face bright. I think it’s a great color combo jumping off point. Maybe we’ll DIY some artwork to mimic the plate design and colors or purchase the plates and mount them in a cool shadow box for some custom art work. We shall see when the time comes.
  2. The bedroom should be all about fabric and I LOVE this zebra print fabric from Waverly at Joann. The muted colors are great and I think it will add some whimsy to the space.  I’m thinking we should use it for a chair or bench or possibly a bed skirt.
  3. The pattern and color on this Pkaufmann Kamala Kilim Fog fabric from Joann’s is perfect for our headboard. It’s just the right amount of pattern and texture and will go easily with another color scheme should we ever decide to change out the the yellow accent color that will be sprinkled around the room. My plan is to upholstered scroll top headboard with some nail-head trim.
  4. Simple gray linen fabric will be breezy and casual for some custom sewn curtains, might even add some chunky grommets to the top and nice oil rubbed bronze curtain rods.
  5. Now that I have the neutral base I like this yellow geometric fabric from Dwell Studio at I plan to add a large yellow band of this fabric onto our linen drapes for a custom look.
  6. Next up, the pillow fabric this is where you can get really creative with patterns and color and change it out easily whenever the mood strokes or for the changing seasons. Here I’ve chosen Dover Linen, Tiffany Blue and Drake Maizefrom to round out our colors in easy to change out pillow covers.
  7. For the paint color right now we’re thinking Glass of Milk from Martha Stewart for a calming color on the walls.
  8. Our boring builder closet doors will get a much needed face lift with the 3 M’s mirror, molding and Mastic, making the room feel bigger and bouncing some light and sparkle around the room.
  9. I really like this Art and we can carry the yellow and gray color scheme around the room and onto the walls with some well placed art.
  10. Finally I’m like certain aspects of this room, like the yellow side tables and black accents. We might  include this yellow color in a piece of furniture and maybe paint out our dresser in a dove gray to compliment the overall color scheme.

So there you have it the inspiration for our touch yellow and gray master bedroom makeover.

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  • Lindsey

    I once saw an episode of Sarah’s House (you know, the Canadian lady?) where she had this tiny basement space transformed into cozy bedroom. She loved these four assorted salad plates from pottery barn (with toucans, of all things) and mounted each in a large square frame throughout the room. What a lovely possibility for your plate inspiration! Can’t wait to see the results!

    • Maria

      Absolutely, I love Sarah’s House it’s such a fantastic show. I did see that episode, you’re right that would be fantastic. I’m actually keeping my fingers crossed that I’m going to get to work on the bedroom soon, now that summer is over and we’ve come inside, it’s definitely time to get working on it.

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