Master Bedroom – The “Before”



Now that we have the plan in place for our Master bedroom I thought it be a good idea to take a look out how our bedroom looks now. You know go over the nitty gritty of the before. What’s a good “after” story without the “before” right? Right.

So here it is

Right now the walls are green, I love green and this on is a nice green but this room has mostly morning sunlight. In the afternoon it tends to give off a dreary quality and we’re just not down with dreary in the bedroom. We painted it when we first moved into the house, well before we were aware of the lighting situation that happens from room to room in this house when we chose the color. The side tables are hand-me downs from my mom, they were some of the first pieces of furniture she bought when her and my father got married. They’re built solid like a rock nut are definitely in need of some TLCĀ  after 35 years to bring them back to their former glory. They are alos a little low as compared to the bed. I’m positive that I’m going to refinish these but I’m not positive if we’ll keep them in this room.

The comforter is pretty that I bought on clearance from a Pottery Barn a looong time ago. I still love it but it’s time for an update. The window above the bed just doesn’t work we’re debating on two options, the first is closing up the window completely since it’s the most unappealing view in the house. We can’t leave the shade open because you happen to be staring right at the neighbors driveway. Not a pretty sight. Closing it up completely would give us a much needed feature wall space for our planned upholstered headboard. Option 2 would be to keep a window there just have a high, long rectangle window that will still allow for some natural light while not requiring us to keep the shade closed at all times.

Here is our lovely close doors, Nothing scream relaxing bedroom like a bunch of white bifold doors as the focal point of the room. We even have reandom artwork in the left corner that hasn’t made the grade to being hung on the walls yet.

And this dresser, It also comes from my parent’s. It’s an Ethan Allen dresser and as solid as the day the bought it 35 years ago, but definitely needs some TLC after 35 years and 3 kids. We plan to update it with some paint and add new hardware. Also notice the toolbox that is currently acting as our door stop. For some reason the door opens the opposite way it should blocking your view of the room and the light switch. Which is a sore spot with the hubby so this will definitely be changed out in the near future.

So there you have it…where we are now. If you would like to see where we are headed check out the inspiration for our Master Bedroom makeover.



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