A 3 hour tour (part 2)



Welcome to our lake and the 2nd installment of our 3 hour tour. We’re back as the Skipper, Gilligan and Maryann to show you some of our favorite sights around our lake and some of the beautiful homes we admire as we float along the lake. So sit back relax and read along as we take you on part 2 of our 3 hour tour.

First stop, this lovely beauty. I’m a sucker for round rooms, they create so much interest from the outside. I can’t resist resist 3 levels of decks to enjoy the views are to die for. What’s a lake house without a good deck to sit on? The detail of the stonework along the bottom portion of the house is just stunning.

The attention to detail in the stone really sets this house apart from many of the other beauties on the lake, the stone framed porthole opening and the keystone details are inspiring. I can see great summer BBQ’s ‘s taking place in this setting. I imagine a great outdoor kitchen tucked away behind that porthole, just calling my name to grill a big juicy burger.

I love the blue of this stunner, reflecting elements of the water onto the facade. Their use of stone is tastefully done and gives an elegant touch without the extreme expense of stoning the entire house. The shingle style siding always screams summer, sand and surf to me.

Even their boat house is cute. Sign me up to sleep in that room upstairs, imagine the views from that deck. My husband would love it, you could fish from the balcony!

I think the colors chosen for the exterior of this home is what setsĀ  it apart. The neutral coloring makes this house fit snugly into it’s surroundings, and that boat house, talk about charming! But check out that driveway, I wonder how they stop their cars from sliding into the lake during the icy season?

This has to be on my list of top 10 homes on the lake. It’s so gorgeous I was compelled to take pictures of it from every angle. I love it. I plan to post many more pictures of this beauty and it’s neighbors which are equally gorgeous in our next installment of our 3 hour tour. Until then I’ll be dreaming of that rolling lawn in this stunning estate.

For now we’re over and out,

Skipper, Gilligan and Maryann

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