I’m a sucker for Paisley



I’ve been a sucker for Paisley since my mother bought me wonderful Paisley pajamas when I was 14. I loved those Paisley pj’s and with that my affection for Paisley began. With Paisley on the brain, I’ve been on the hunt for some Paisleytastic (yeah, I just invented a word) inspiration for some new original art I’m planning.

Paisley has been around since the beginning of the 19th century, thought to be based upon a pinecone design in India and named after Paisley, Scotland where it was originally manufactured it doesn’t have to look like it’s stuck in the 1800’s. There are great modern takes on Paisley for to suit even the most discriminate taste. From cookies to fabric and everything in between it has been interpreted into many wonderful things. Here are some favorites I’ve found while searching for my own Paisley passion.

This is a beautiful take in a tranquil pillow pattern from Pier 1

I like the bold design and blue and green color scheme in this Boho Paisley Print fabric it is a fabulous modern interpretation on the standard paisley teardrop shape.

Paisley Settee

Such a beautiful Paisley settee from Horchow Home , so bright and cheery.

Paisley Wedding Cake

And this beautifully done Paisley wedding cake featured on Something Old Something New. I LOVE it!!

Paisley Cookies

Over at The Hunnie Pot they made the most adorable Paisley cookies for their little girl’s birthday. She sells the most beautiful iced sugar cookies and ships them so go check her out.

After all this interesting Paisley talk I’ve started on the beginnings of my own Paisley inspired paintings. Here’s a sneak peak of my sketches.

These are the basic outlines for a series of 4 paintings I’ve just begun. I plan to use bright colors and created an nod to Paisley prints through classic Paisley teardrop shape and through more subtle details that I plan to infuse throughout each in the series.

I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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