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After our day of plant shopping where we browsed around and brought home a truckload of awesome stuff to spruce up the street side of our privacy fence we were ready to dig in.

Our main focus on this day was our 100+ feet of gray privacy fence . We began by placing two Alberta Spruce trees to flank the gate cleverly disguised as a fence panel in the hopes of preventing me and other clumsy individuals from future awkward moments of stumbling into the wrong area of the fence when searching for the gate. You know the feeling, it’s the same one you get when you happen to walk into a screen door. Is that just me who does that?

I promise you it’s not pretty but if you need a refresher on what our fence looked liked before check it out below.

I told you it wasn’t pretty. Nothing that a few strategically placed pretty green plants couldn’t fix though.

See the guys digging up some strategically placed holes on each side of the fence? That’s where our cute Alberta spruce trees are supposed to go.

That’s Bryan with the pick-ax in his hand…we hit asphalt, large chunks of asphalt. Apparently there we’re bits of the old road directly underneath where we were about to plant. Have no fear though with pick-ax in hand he chopped right through it and continued on the path to a perfectly placed pretty garden.

Bryan LOVES this tool, so in honorary mention of the might pick-ax we now interrupt our regularly schedule program for a somewhat wordy description of the pick-ax as told by Bryan…

The pick-axe is to Bryan as the Hammer is to the Mighty Thor… I am but a soldier, and my weapon; the hefty battle-ax. It leave nothing but a path of destruction in its wake. I would choose that pick ax over any other tool in my arsenal. Neither shovel, nor hoe, not rake, or spade… I choose my powerful pickax. Its heavy as a sledge, as sharp as a knife, and could pry anything you put in front of it. Sheer leverage; thats whats its all about. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve pulled out of the ground with it. It is hands DOWN the BEST tool I’ve ever purchased…

… and now back to our regularly scheduled program.

After the adventure in the asphalt jungle we were well on our way. We now had some cute trees flanking the gate, looks better already.

It sure looks like our child is playing in the road by himself. Fortunately, there are 3 other adults other than me just standing outside of camera range 🙂

Then it was onto some transplanting some of our other plants around the yard.

We moved some Tiger Lilies and Hostas from another planting bed and relocated to a more fitting home along our fence. Instant curb appeal and F.R.E.E.

We added some Ornamental Grasses, Lupines and Lavender to the free Tiger Lilies and Hostas for a nice full planting bed. We think these will all do well along the road because they are perennials that will die back to the ground each year. This will hopefully shield them from any rouge snowplowing that may happen over the Winter.

After that it was a basic method of lining up, placing, digging and pickaxing our way down the line, alternating plants as we went along until we had all the plants in place.

Ah, what a difference a few plants can make.

As for Bryan, he and his mighty pick-ax live to see another day and tackle another landscaping project.

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  • the cape on the corner

    what a great change, and that’s a lot of plants you had to buy! the space looks much friendlier, too. we had a similar situation in our flowerbed-we hit concrete, too, for it was part of an old foundation. i was hoping for buried treasure, but no, that’s not what it was.

    • Maria

      Thank you! Buried treasure would have been much better than the crappy old asphalt we found. It was a lot of plants but luckily we relocated some Hostas and Tiger Lilies which are a great plant to divide they just keep multiplying 🙂 I’m crossing my fingers for buried treasure next time.

  • Steph @ BirdHouse Family

    A lot of work, but so worth it! I’m sure they’ll fill out nicely.

  • Glenda Childers

    Hopping over from Censational Girls Outdoor Party. Hope you enjoy my ‘patio time’ post. (link #205)

    Wow, you have been working hard and creating a truly beautiful spot . . . what a lovely walk you will now enjoy, as you head to the lake.

    Happy summer . . . fondly,

  • Pam

    I love the new look! The plants soften that fence so well. What a beautiful setting you have right there by the lake!

    I’m visiting from Centsational Girl’s party. It’s great to find your blog.


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