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Daydream Travelin’: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina




I’ve always wanted to visit Hilton Head Island and after looking around for my next Daydream Travelin’ adventure I’m now even more convinced then ever that I want to get lost for a while on Hilton Head. Maybe I’ll just relocate there one day to this charming island with the equally charming history.

All photos courtesy of the Hilton Head Island Visitor & Convention Bureau

All lighthouse images The Harbour Town Lighthouse at The Sea Pines Resort

History of Hilton Head Island

In 1663, English sea captain William Hilton landed on Hilton Head Island and, thus, the seeds of the first successful plantations were sown. Commissioned by a group of Barbados planters to find new land on which to plant sugar and indigo, Hilton soon claimed the Island in the name of the British Crown.

Incorporated as a town in 1983, Hilton Head Island is now home to several environmentally planned resort and residential communities, supporting more than 30,000 full-time residents. These communities have been named “plantations,” but cotton fields have been replaced by lush green golf courses, tennis courts, shimmering lakes and beautifully designed resorts and villas.

Despite this development, much of the Island remains as it was when sighted from William Hilton’s ship more than 300 years ago. Hilton Head Island’s natural beauty, spectacular seascapes and exceptional ecology now beckon a new generation of explorers.

For more information including how you can visit Hilton Island check out all the details on the island’s website.

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July 4th idea file



July 4 is just around the corner and with that legions of Bar-B-Q’s, fireworks celebrations and summertime activities will kick-off around the country. I love July 4, to me it’s the ultimate summer holiday and what a great time to add some summer sizzle with some of my favorite July 4th projects I’m dying to try. If only I didn’t have to sleep.

DIY Flag tutorial made from old pallets.

Slat Star tutorial

Martha Stewart’s fruited cheesecake flag

DEEEE.LIC.IOUS. looking Blueberry and Cherry pie recipe

Easy Peasy Recycled Can Luminaries

DIY Summer Bunting


All images pinned on Pinterest, click on the image for the source. You can find much more inspiration in my 4th of July ideas board

A 3 hour tour (part 5)



It’s been a little while since we’ve been on a tour of some of the houses that catch our eye when we’re out and about. Here’s some of the beauties I find myself floating by on more than one occasion.

I love this sprawling home, the different levels of lawns give the sense of individual rooms within the large expanse of yard easily transitioning from the house to the lake.

This one takes my breath away every time I look at it. It feels like it should be a gorgeous bed and breakfast although I’m fairly certain it’s a private residence with the most amazing views. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a wedding party on those lawns?

And it’s neighbor to the left is perfectly nestled among the weeping willows. Nothing says great lake front property to me like weeping willows on the waterfront. I would LOVE to have a picnic underneath those trees on a warm summer’s afternoon.

This great find is on one of the prettiest streets on the lake. One of the rare equally eye catching homes from both the front and the back. And it’s view across the lake are the two homes featured above.

Our last stop for today is this gigantic home. For some reason I hadn’t seen this house before and fell in love the moment I laid eyes on it.  I thought to myself how could we have possibly missed this one? I could manage to spend an afternoon or two lazying around that yard.

So there you have five beauties we’ve spotted lately. Which of these could you see yourself kicking back and relaxing at. I think I’ll take them all! Thanks so much for visiting and coming with us as we tour some of our favorite homes.

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Daydream Travelin’: Wolwedans NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia



Leave civilization behind and travel to the far reaching corners of the earth to Wolwedans NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia. Featured on Forbes.com as a hotel with the most beautiful views NamibRand is sure to not disappoint. Activities include scenic drives in open Landrovers, a once in a lifetime flight tour over the Diamond coast or hot air ballooning over the dune belts providing breathtaking 360 degree views.  NamibRand is sure to spark the adventure seeker in us all.

For more information including how you can visit NamibRand  check out all the details on the resort’ s website.

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4 Cool Blogs your Guy Might Already Know About



With all the great blogs out there geared primarily towards “women’s interests” like fashion, decorating and parenting, written by women with women in mind. I find it really cool when I come across great blogs that have the the guys in mind. These blogs often highlight a different take on awesome and cool DIY projects, life tips, technology and the humorous side of life with a decidedly manly twist. Here are 4 cool and awesome blogs your guy might already know about and you might just love yourself.

1. Man Made DIY

This creative collection of Manly DIY projects Man Made DIY is a guide to “creative and handmade life for the postmodern male” with awesome posts like Bold Graphic Art Made From Electrical Tape and How to Make an X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies Chris Gardner’s collection of manly DIY crafts is nothing if not entertaining and oddly addicting.

Bold, Graphic Art Made from Electrical Tape

How to Make an X-Wing Fighter from Office Supplies

2. Lifehacker

Not so much a blog as a way of life. Lifehacker provides all sorts of everyday tips and tricks for getting things done. Articles like What NOT to Buy at the Warehouse Club and How to Evict your Crappy Roommate. Lifehacker is chock full o’ useful projects for problems from the everyday to the inane.


What NOT to Buy at the Warehouse Club

How to Evict your Crappy Roommate

3. By Ken Levine

By Ken Levine is a blog about “world as seen by a comedy writer” with shows on his resume the likes of M*A*S*H, Cheers, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond this this writer certainly doesn’t disappoint. He writes such funny posts like Use me when playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” and Some Random Blogservations. Kevine Levine will not disappoint if your looking some humor in your day.

Use me when playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”

Some random blogservations….

4. All Things D

All things D is “devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the Internet and media” it’s a “fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources”. Some of our favorites are Blackberry BFF’s and Turntable.fm Really is Awesome. Is it Legal?

BlackBerry BFFs

Turntable.fm Really is Awesome. Is it Legal?




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