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…waaaaay back to last fall when we began our last project of the season. That’s when we officially started to tackle a little great big project of extending the platform around our above ground pool.

If you take a look above at a shot of the backyard taken on the day of our final home inspection you can see the original platform that while perfectly usable for getting in and out of the pool did not really lend itself to lounging in the backyard sipping margaritas on a hot summer day. There was a sharp drop at the end of the grassy area to the lower level where the pool sits that was mostly getting overgrown with weeds. That combined with a semi narrow path over sharp white rocks didn’t really go with barefoot pool days or my margarita vision and was wasting some valuable space in our decent sized, but not huge yard.

So of course we had some bigger and better ideas in mind. Here’s a rough sketch of what the vision for our yard and more specifically the new platform deck for the pool.

Last fall we started with the business of building some new stone pillars that would act the entrance onto the deck. We thought it would draw you’re eye in and create a focal point entrance to the new platform , the pool and the view of the lake beyond.

We ordered up some brick and some “quarry process” base rock from the stoneyard to begin.

Then came digging out a trench where the stone pillars would sit and adding a couple of stairs to join the higher grassy area with the height of the top of the pool.

After that the stone was laid down to form two pillars with a connecting wall in the middle. These were built on each side to frame where the deck stairs would eventually sit.

After all that building and digging we had 2 identical pillars to frame the entrance.

That was last fall…and then it snowed and snowed and froze and snowed some more. But no one wants to remember that on this fine first day of June. I know I certainly don’t.

The guys have been hard at work around here raising a new pool platform. Here’s a sneak peak of how it looks today.

The pool is not uncovered yet. We’ll do that once the sawdust has settled. We’ll be back soon with all the nitty gritty details of our progress. Until then everyone stay cool. It’s going to be a hot one here in New Jersey!

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