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My husband has always been a big fan of personalized signs. So I thought this summer it would be nice to bring his love of B.B.Q’s and signs together by making him his very own personalized sign for the outdoor grill area.

We love to B.B.Q. and entertain during the summer months so we sat down to design Bry’s B.B.Q. Pit which is a combination casual menu board and art we’d like to use dress up the outdoor space. Below is how it all turned out.

With Father’s Day right around the corner I thought I’d share an easy DIY tutorial on how I created his personalized outdoor menu art. Maybe a favorite grill lover in your life would like one of their very own for Father’s Day.

Shopping List

15 inch piece of 1 x12 Pine Board

Spray Sealer

Acrylic Craft Paint

  • Licorice (Folk Art)
  • Apple Red (Folk Art)
  • Cadmium Orange (Americana
  • Titanium White (Folk Art)
  • Apricot (Apple Barrel)
  • Coffee Latte (Folk Art)


Step 1. Paint the background. I wanted a gradient style background. I started by painting the top and bottom first inch of the board in Licorice. Remember black paints goes a long way so use it sparingly at first. Then while the black was still wet I painted from the center out towards the black in a combination of Apple Red and Cadmium Orange. I squirted the paint directly onto the board and then worked horizontally so that there would be some variation in the color. Once I reached the black I kept going a bit so that the Red/Orange would fade to black on the edges. Where the paint became too dry I added some water to my brush to help the colors blend and fade. Once you have the effect you like set it out to dry fully.

Step 2. Then it’s time to transfer your drawing onto the boards. I used the sketch (attached at the bottom in pdf) and some Super Chacopaper transfer paper, laying the pattern onto the board then tracing over the pattern to transfer the design. I love Chacopaper vs. regular Carbon Paper because you can wipe away any stray marks with some water when you’re done. The font is “Regulator” font downloaded from Dafont if you would like to use the same font to personalize the name on your sign. I used 117 pt Regulator font for “Bry’s”.

Step 3. Using a small flat brush and working with the outline color first I filled in the “Bry’s in Licorice and the rest of the lettering in Titanium White. Since it’s craft paint the white took about 3 coats to get good opaque coverage.

Step 4. I used a black Sharpie to draw on the inside of the letters to create a guide for the black lettering and a pencil to draw on the black outlined lettering.

Step 5. Fill in the letters with either the Licorice or Titanium White coloring using the image below as a guide.

Step 6. I filled in the beer glass with Coffee Latte for the inner portion of the glass and a mixture of Coffee Lattee and Apricot for the outer portions and the handle. The foam was painted in titanium white.

Step 7. Using a liner brush I added the outline and detail to the beer glass and foam.

Step 8. Paint the back and sides in Licorice.

Step 9. Spray the whole thing with a sealer to protect it from the elements.

We’re really happy with how the whole thing came out and cant wait to use it for our next backyard B.B.Q.

Click here for Bry’s BBQ outline sketch

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