Coastal Inspiration



There’s something about living by the the water that is such a calming atmosphere. Maybe it’s the sound or the flurry of recreational activities that surround you. Or maybe it’s the feeling of true love for your home and the place you live that brings everyone together.

My experience in living on the water has been wonderful to date. Everything from the people to the lifestyle is completely unique. I think it’s a common love of the environment that brings everyone together. It automatically creates a unique bond. Everyone is orientated towards the outdoors more and that brings a sense of community to our little neighborhood. It’s a rare summer’s day that one of our neighbors doesn’t swing on by to say hello and shoot the breeze. A impromptu casual hangout out on the dock on a warm afternoon is a common occurrence.

When I think of coastal style I think of the same impromptu casual feeling I get hanging out on the dock reminiscent of waves lapping on the shoreline and warm summer breezes. It’s a feeling of laid back casual elegance whether decked out in grays and blues, a palette of pastels or bursting with pops of color. Here’s what’s inspiring me today as I think about that feeling and the feeling I want my home on the water to embody.

All images via Pinterest, click on the image for the source. You can find much more inspiration in my Coastal board

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