A 3 hour tour (part 6)



We’ve been out and about lately snapping photos every step of the way of touring some of our favorite spots on our lake. So come along and hang out with out as we take a tour.

I’m in love with the location of this house.

The piece of land this home is on is amazing. It’s a little peninsula jutting into the water. From this angle it looks like it has it’s own personal island, but with non of the inconvenience.

You can just see a touch of the house nestled amongst the trees.

I think this may be the most lovely piece of land on the entire lake.

This is one of the newer homes on the lake. But you wouldn’t know by looking at it. It’s nestled so quaintly into the surrounding area.

Gorgeous house with equally gorgeous landscaping and attention to detail.

Life on the water means not always having a conventional flat lot. This home makes great use of their sloping yard.

The grounds are so stunning and mature. I would love to walk up the meandering pathway. Until nest time thanks for stopping by!

For a closer look click on the images above for a full size version.

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