Ocean City, New Jersey



This past week Bryan, Nikolas and I went on my family’s traditional beach vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey, along with my parents, 2 sisters and their husbands. It’s an annual trip that my parents have been enjoying since before we were born!

We are always quite busy doing nothing – between lots of time spent at the beach, visiting the boardwalk and playing board games (the game of choice this year was Clue). Every time we go I am reminded of all the wonderful childhood memories of days spent in Ocean City.

View of the boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey

Ferris wheel on the boardwalk

Boardwalk rides at night

First time in the ocean

Building sandcastles on the beach

Baby feet covered in sand

Bryan and Nikolas  flying a kite

Nikolas and I on the beach

Moon rising over the water on our last evening

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