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Since coming home from a wonderful week long vacation at the beach where we drooled over some of the most beautiful landscaped yards  we’ve been hard at work with little odds and ends around the yard.

You know the kind of odds and ends that tend to get away from you when you have so many big projects going on that you don’t have time for any of the little ones and sooner or later the little list keep growing and growing until things get out of control (kind of like this sentence)… Yeah well that’s where we were headed.  Right down a big old rabbit hole of too many projects going on at once.

The first order of business was to fix this giant patch of dead grass that used to be called sod that was originally supposed to fix a giant patch of dirt that had been created when we built the raised vegetable planters a while back.

This picture is blurry because I was too disgusted to take an actual picture of my dead sod situation and instead found this one I had taken on accident.

Here’s a tip I learned recently…

If you are ever in the market to buy sod DO NOT under any circumstances buy a piece of sod where before purchasing you question “how long has this palette of sod has been sitting in the parking lot of the local home improvement store”.

But then you buy it anyway because  you think it’ll probably come back to life with some water and love.

It won’t and it’ll make the neighbors question the sanity of you and those that live in your household  for continually watering a piece of obviously dead grass.

So after a few  “are you sure you planted it green side up?” and funny looks I finally admitted that I may have been misguided when I purchased those particular pieces of said dead sod and planted grass seed this past weekend.

Here’s to hoping we’ll see green in 5 to 10 days and the neighbors will have restored faith in out sanity.

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