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We’ve been doing a lot of finishing up around here those little odds and ends are what takes the most time.   I posted a while back that we unexpectedly received some largish rocks boulders that had oh so much potential in the right hands and with a little vision on my father’s part.

Now that’s a serious mess, not to mention a slight tripping hazard.

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Then it was time for a yard update and a plan where we laid it all out there.

Now back to the mess of some boulders we had precariously placed.

With the brains and some serious brawn of the fatherly figure Tony he pulled, pried, dug  and chiseled those boulders into submission and created a gorgeous stone stairway. He used some of the already abundantly available white stone to fill in making a wide meandering pathway.

What. A. Difference!  To truly get the full effect take a look at where we came from.

That’s an overhead view of how the yard looked when we first bought the house the little dirt area on the right corner of the grassy area is the “not really a pathway path” to the lake.

Glad we can check that one off the list. Done and DONE.

We’re already onto our next projects. You can catch a glimpse to the right of the steps we’re adding a some plats to soften up all the stone and wood we’ve got going on. (I’ll be showing that off tomorrow it’s turning out so pretty).

At the top of the stairs a sweet little garden fence will reside and is going in to serve double duty by defining the upper area of the yard into an outdoor room and also keeping certain little ones from diving headfirst into the lake.

That’s all for now, check back tomorrow for our lovely new little garden post.

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