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Yesterday I mentioned after finishing up our newly installed stone stairs we went from this mess.

To this beautiful stone stairwell  which I am absolutely in love with courtesy of my father Tony’s vision and building expertise.

Definitely a much needed improvement, but as you can see from the scattered pieces of lumber strewn about we’re still deep in the midst of some yard project business.

So to bring us another step in the right direction and to tie the whole thing together not to mention fixing that awful mound of ugly dirt that was just hanging around we added a sweet little garden full of perennial flowers, ornamental grasses and a couple of dwarf shrubs to finish it off and tie the new pool surround (which is getting the finishing touches on as well) with the steps.

And just for maximum effectiveness lets look at how it all looked on the day of our home inspection back in September of 2009…

…and where we are now, because it’s always nice to see where you’ve been so you can really appreciate how far you’ve come.

Like those raised vegetable gardens we built off to the left as one of the first projects we completed. The serpentine garden on the right side along the fence. Not to forget the newly (just needs some finishing touches) pool deck. Which is currently all decked out in some temporary shade to facilitate working in the hot, hot August sun.

Which brings me back to our new little garden just to the right of that deck. You can just see it peaking out from behind the (also in progress) fence that we hope will serve at once as an  outdoor room creator and baby coral-er.

 We started with these guys here, which were bought at a fantastic  late season sale at our local garden store.

Then we got our plant on and set them in their new home while adding  some plants that were becoming overcrowded in another part of the yard.

I love when a good plan, some hard work and a little vision all come together.

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