Mira Lacum



Due to it’s  close proximity to NYC our lake holds a bit of an illustrious history as a retreat for the rich and famous in the pre-depression era of our country.  Prior to airplanes and quick travel the lake was a place for the rich and famous to play, stay and build some breathtaking homes to leisurely spend their summers in luxury.  One of the most striking on the lake is an exquisite Gothic home that can still be seen gracing the shores and hasn’t changes much in the century that’s past since it was built.

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In 1895, Mira Lacum as it was called or “view of the lake” was a summer cottage designed and built by a man named Himpler an architect renowned for his work among Gothic Churches  for the then astounding price of $75,000.


Mira Lacum still stands strikingly today as a nod to the pre-depression era revelry and wealth that consumed our lake.

To read the full story and to see another view of how Mira Lacum
looked then click here.

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