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Yup. We’ve been working in the yard again. I know big surprise, we just can’t resist fixing up the place. After all it is one of the reason we fell in love with this home. Not to mention we spend almost all of our waking, non-working hours either looking at or sitting in this space. It’s quickly become our favorite spot to transform over the last 1 1/2 years since we moved in .

So after my dead sod fiasco where I learned the art of how not to buy sod, we were well on the path to fixing up a lesser photographed corner of the yard. It’s lesser photographed mostly because well, who really wants to see pictures of overgrown weeds and rogue tomatoes gone crazy.

Yes I did just say rouge tomatoes. Apparently, they had been quite the happy little fellas in our garden last year. So much so that a few of the tomatoes had  jumped out of their raised bed home and were banding together to form their own colony of plum tomatoes.

We let them go for a time because who doesn’t love a tomato plant? Especially ones that so happily grew all by themselves with little effort on our part other than the occasional “Don’t pull that it’s not a weed” comment to the resident 1 year old. But, after a while they started to become unruly bunch falling over without the proper supports put in place to hold the branches laden with fruit.

You can see the little colony just peaking out out from behind the raised vegetable beds in and amongst the weeds that have been quickly taking over along the neighbor’s fence. Which is, by-the-way soooo not the attractive look we are going for.

We’ve been on a mission this entire summer to find a suitable bush to line the fence. We’re not really concerned with blocking out the neighbor since 1) that’s pretty much damn near impossible unless it was 20 feet tall and 2) we’ve grown quite fond of chatting with the neighbors over the fence in the summertime. It’s quite the suburban setting we’ve got going on around here.

A few weeks back my mom and and I spotted some gorgeous Holly Bushes that we thought would look great lining the fence and grown into a nice lush living fence defining that side of the yard. But at $180 per plant even with the 40% off sale going on we thought it might be more of a buy 1 at a time type of thing, slowly over time creating the line of plants that we wanted.

With that in mind this past weekend we went to the local garden store to get a plant or two and to browse a bit because we’re cool and we go plant shopping in our spare time. While there we happened across these awesome guys.

It’s still a holly bush but they’re a Japanese Holly with much more rounded leaves and less jagged edges than your typical Holly bushes we’re all used to seeing at Christmastime.

The best part about the guys were that they were marked $39.99 plus that 40% off sale meant that we could snag these guys for a fraction of the price of our original plan along with providing some instant gratification in the living fence department. Needless to say she grabbed all 8 of these guys that were left on the lot.

Which makes Bryan and I super excited once again that we chose to go on the lake house buying adventure with Parents that love to landscape.

So with that in mind the days of our little rogue tomato colony growing freely along the fence are definitely numbered although we’ll be sure to harvest all the tomatoes we can for some mouthwatering tomato salad.

Has anyone else out there had any rogue fruits or vegetables plot to take over there yard? No, is it just us?

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