One perk of living on our lake that we didn’t really factor in when we decided to move here was all the fun activities that would be happening around our home. I remember one of the first few mornings after we had moved, not even fully unpacked yet, walking outside being somewhat in awe of the new lifestyle we had inherited along with the view.

At the time I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but now having been here a while I realize it’s the carefree attitude of people relaxing and having fun ALL THE TIME.

There’s always someone out having a good time on their day off enjoying the sun and fun that water brings out in all of us.

These shots were taken a few weeks back at the annual Aquapalooza party the bar across the lake holds towards the end of July.

People come from all over to enjoy the sun and fun to the soundtrack of  the floating DJ. If that’s not enough to draw you in they have water games and a  ferry that will bring you into the bar for some good food and cold drinks.

Each year it gets a tad louder and a tad rowdier which adds up to one hell of an enjoyable day on the lake.

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