Rogue Veggies – 0, Holly Bushes – 8



Alternate titles for this post included “Horseshoes and Holly’s” which was less popular title than “Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”.  One problem though, we didn’t have any hand grenades in the shed available…we just used the last one, darn! Although it would have been awfully interesting to have defeated the rogue veggie colony in a flurry of hand grenades it probably would have been less productive in the end, not to mention I can only imagine the comments from the neighbors.

You may remember a couple days ago me mentioning that the days of our rogue veggie colony were numbered. Well, they were finally defeated in a flurry of yanking, shoveling, hoeing …the Japanese Hollies we’re ultimately victorious.

But let me start at the beginning…

A way, way long time ago back in the summer of 2010 Bryan and my Dad built some horseshoe pits for Saturday night BBQ’s and games. They’ve been a lot of fun but over time they have tended to become a weed magnet. We thought a simple fix of putting down some landscape fabric, we folded it over and put down double thickness to ensure no weeds would be popping through anytime soon.

After that it was simply a matter of carrying up some of the vast amounts of white rocks that currently reside in our yard along the lake. Of course we let Nikolas do all the heavy lifting. He doesn’t mind though. We’ve taken to calling him Bamm Bamm Rubble lately due to his super-baby strength.

Then it was on to pulling out that colony of dastardly weeds.

Pardon me if I don’t go into all the details but the process of pulling out the weeds was truly invigorating. (That’s total sarcasm if you couldn’t tell). It was basically lots of raking, and hoeing and yanking out the mess that had somehow grown wild over the course of the last 3 months.

Once that was out of the way we set out to plant 8 of these Japanese Holly’s we got for a crazy deal. We spaced them evenly along the fence. They already are a much needed improvement over the way things were and defiantly with time will grow into the lush living fence look we were going for.

Sidenote: My father always loves when I get these shots of him from behind while working, HI DAD!

It undeniably happened even quicker than we had planned thanks to a fantastic end of season sale at the local garden store where we snagged all 8 of these guys for 40% off making the total cost around $200.

Now it’s looking mighty snazzy if I do say so myself.

So there it is for now, the fence finally has some much needed greenery to break it up and our weed and rampant tomato plants have been tamed.

So “What’s next?”, you ask. Who knows. Hopefully we’ll have some time to put the top railings on our just about finished deck. Or possibly finish up that fence we mentioned when we put in our New Little Garden. Only time and the arrival of the weekends will tell.

In the meantime, who else has found some great plants at a steal? Or remove weeds through the use of hand grenades?  No,  just us?

Disclaimer: We actually don’t keep hand grenades in the shed there are  probably some rules against that sort of thing in NJ.

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