Do You Bamboo?



Lately I’ve been finding any piece of faux bamboo completely irresistible and not necessarily in it’s natural form although that can be quite charming as well. I’m really loving painted bamboo in all shades from cobalt to yellow to red and everything in between.


All images pinned on Pinterest click on the image for the source. You can find much more inspiration on my Furniture board.

Where you ask would I put a piece of faux bamboo? Right now I’m thinking I would like to find the perfect bamboo piece to use as a nightstand in my bedroom. Our current nightstand situation is a couple hand-me-down living room end tables from my parents which resided in my bedroom from my early teens on. Which you can see here where I first started talking about plans for a little pick-me-up in our little room ohhh around 4 months ago.

In the end, who knows where my faux bamboo obsession will take us. For now, I’m still on the lookout for the piece that jumps up and grabs me with potential.

So does anyone else still have the same nightstands in their room as when they we’re growing up? Are you plagued by bamboo laden dreams? Do any of you have any favorite bamboo inspired pieces, painted or not? Do you bamboo?



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