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Perhaps the title will give a hint as to what I’ve been working on lately. No, it’s not painting the entire living room purple polka dots although my 12 year old self would have been totally in love with that idea. It’s also not time to get my eyeglass prescription updated, I’m totally current with that as well. It is because I’ve been working on a little project motivated by a painting sold on Ballard Designs that my sister has been commenting on for years.

I finally got around to painting this one and boy am I glad I did. Although a bit time consuming it was SO SO simple I didn’t even use a paintbrush other than to quickly brush on the background color.

It’s was the perfect sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite show type of project. Lately I’ve been loving everything that’s on the USA network. My new favorite crush has to be Suit’s Harvey Specter, he’s the man.

But seriously people back to what I was originally talking about, the painting so easy and so worth it and just in case you weren’t totally convinced by seeing the first picture, below is a shot of the original as sold on Ballard Designs for $449.

Now here’s my version that cost around $30.

Not bad, Ay? I said in my best Canadian accent. Next week I’ll post the full DIY tutorial on this project but for now I’m contemplating how to avoid my sister seeing that I painted this for her so I can keep it.

Have any of you created some great knockoff DIY art? Are you in love with any USA network shows? Or do you want Suit’s Harvey Specter to be your mentor? Please tell us all about it.

And, in the meantime if you can’t wait to get your tutorial fix¬† stroll on over to our tutorials page to see some of my other art tutorials.

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