Flowers & Paisley Painting Tutorial IV



Well it’s about time I got around to writing out the final installment of my Flowers and Paisley Painting tutorial. As you can tell procrastination is definitely one of my strong points…now only if it was an Olympic sport.

But enough of my excuses, let’s get on with the tutorial shall we?

For this final installment I’ll be showing how I painted the Abstract Floral above. As you can tell I’m quite fond of bright, saturated, colorful paintings so not a lot of mixing is generally involved.

Since most of the instructions are identical for each canvas I won’t go into all the details here. For a full list of supplies, paint colors and complete instructions hop on over to Part I here and Part II here and Part III of the Flowers & Paisley series.

The instructions are simple though… download the sketch, follow the paint by number key below and have fun painting!


  1. Dioxazine Purple almost straight from the tube and a speck of Titanium White. For the lighter petals add more Titanium white to your mixture
  2. Cadmium yellow (pale hue) and Cadmium Red Light. This mixture varies for each petal. Work from the outside in to create the flower
  3. Magenta ans Titanium White. The darker petals are Magenta mixed with Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  4. Phathalo Green and Camium Yellow
  5. Dioxazine Purple and Titanium White and a speck of Alizarin Crimson

Some Tips

While the paint is still wet dry brush with white paint to highlight

I usually paint 2 coats on each area to achieve the vibrant colors

Remember to have fun it’s just paint you can always paint over it if you don’t like it

 Click link below for PDF of sketch

Flowers and Paisley Art IV sketch

PS: Don’t forget to check out Part I herePart II here and Part III here

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PPPS: Thanks for stopping by and Happy Painting Everyone!

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