October Went out with a Bang



As many of you know, a crazy early Nor’easter walloped the East Coast on Saturday afternoon into Sunday, bringing with it lots of wind, freezing temperatures and snow. Sadly New Jersey didn’t fair very well having well over a foot of heavy, wet snow onto trees that had yet to lose their leaves leaving many of them cracking and falling under the pressure. The storm left in it’s wake a bunch of fallen trees, downed power lines and millions of  homes (including ours) waking up Sunday morning to a beautiful frozen landscape but lacking in electricity.

It’s one of those moments where you’re hoping it comes back on soon but you know in the pit of your stomach that it’s probably going to be a while and you start weighing your options to leave or stay.

We’d been meaning to get a generator since Hurricane Irene came a took out the power to half of NJ only two months ago, but at that time we were spared being part of the power outages, so we thanked our lucky stars and planned to purchase one. One thing led to the next and we never got around to it.

Fast forward two months later and the unthinkable, another storm and yet another week of widespread fallen trees and power outages.

Thankfully though our house and family were all spared any lasting damage but spurring my husband and father to go on a long 6 hours expedition back and forth across 2 states to find one of the last remaining generators for sale in the Tri-State area.

The generator has been a god send over the last four days without electricity, keeping us warm, powering a few lights, and providing running water. It’s amazing how unprepared you really are for something as simple as loss of power for a few days.

The electric came back on in our area today and we couldn’t have been happier jumping around for joy. Our prayers go out to all those still without.

I think the whole week can be summed up in the words of my sister who was cranky and had enough sleeping in the cold and walking around with flashlights to go to the bathroom.

“I always new I didn’t belong in the 1800’s and this is the reason why I don’t go camping”.

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  • Laura Johnson

    Oh my goodness! I’m already bracing myself for Michigan’s long winter, and we’ve still got leaves turning! However I must admit I’m loving the virtual peek of the snow surrounding the lake you gave us, just beautiful!

    • Maria

      It was kind of crazy the early snow. I almost didn’t believe the weather predictions. Even though it was super inconvenient it was definitely gorgeous waking up to the snow in the morning.

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