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Some of you may remember back when I first started thinking about updating our master bedroom the plan centered around a mix of yellows a grays as outlined in the Inspiration Board below.

You can click over to the original post here to see the entire source list for the Yellow and Gray Master Bedroom.

I really loved it and still do but after thinking about it for a while (six months to be exact) and talking it over with my Bryan who feels it’s a bit on the feminine side for his liking. So, since we both have to live with it, it’s probably a good idea for us both to feel at home. and I want us both to love it.  Truth be told while I loved the yellow and still do, I worried that I may have tired of it easily for our Master Bedroom space . In the end, out it went and it was back to the drawing board for our currently very green space.

So I’ve been on the prowl for a new jumping off point, I browsed and browsed all the usual places and some unsual place kept coming back to the space below which happened to be one that both Bryan upon for our modest sized Master Bedroom.  We both feel that just because it’s small doesn’t mean it needs to lack some significant wow factor.

Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook

The entire room is designed around an antique quilt and designed by Sarah Richardson for Season 3 of her HGTV show Sarah’s House where she remodeled a beautiful farmhouse in the country. I’ve been a fan of the show since it hit HGTV America, Sarah’s designs are always showstopping with her signature mix of color and pattern.

Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook

Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook

Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook

Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook

All Sarah’s House photographs found via Houzz, click on the images above for the source.

I’m really in love with the mix of colors and patterns in the space. It’s colorful and bright for me but not overly flowery or feminine for Bryan. While the show had $15,000 to redo this entire space we’re not working with that kind of money here. So I’ll have to be creative to get the same feel.

I’ve found some of the sources that were used in the show and I have some great ideas on how to get this designer look on a less than designer budget which I’ll be sharing soon.

I can’t wait to get started. Of course we’ll be doing it real time paying for it as we go so hopefully it will begin to take shape over the coming weeks and months a bit longer than the edited for TV version. Oh and if you want to check out the entire episode where they create this room watch the video below.

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