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Yup, 3 miles long that’s how it feels. We’re well on our way to having a complete plan for our Master Bedroom makeover. In case you missed any of it you can see how it’s all going down with our new plan here and how we’re going full steam ahead here. But what’s a good plan without a good list?

Here’s how the list for the Master Bedroom redo is shaping up:

Oh and if you’ve forgotten how it looks now here’s a little sneak peak of what we’re working with…

and where we’re inspired to go with it

via Houzz click image above for source

Yeah it’s going to be a lot of work to whip it into shape but well worth it in the end.

So it’s not rocket science nor is it groundbreaking but simply a tried and true method that goes a looong way to actually accomplishing something instead of standing in the middle of the room wondering what to do next. Over the next few months we plan to tackle one thing at a time. Conquering the smaller things first while we save up for the larger items on the list and hopefully (fingers crossed) come up with a room that is inspired by but yet uniquely our own version of our room above. So here it goes.

  • New End Tables. The old ones have been with me FOREVER no seriously. My parents bought them before I was born for their living room when I was around 14. They’ve been good to me but it’s time for a change and some additional height next to the bed. Our inspiration room has rounded tables with no storage so we’re thinking we’re going to go in another direction on this choice…and possibly (gasp) buy new ones. I know, I know its’ a bit against the grain with everyone refinishing old furniture these day but sometimes you just want something new.
  • Dresser. This is something we’re going to plan on refinishing/painting. Definitely doable and totally worth it since it’s another hand-me-down piece from my parents, but it’s totally good quality Ethan Allen Furniture.
  • Bed. This is definitely an open ended item on the list. The inspiration room has a 4 poster bed which I would love to have, but our room may be too small so we’ll have to put our noodles together on this one and come up with a plan.
  • Lamps.  Right now the plan is to paint the lamps a coordinating color to the fabric we chose and update the shades…that is if I can convince Bryan it’s a a good idea.
  • Reupholster Chairs. I love chairs in the bedroom and fortunately for us I have a pair sitting in the attic that a used to belong to my Great-Grandmother, I love their shape but they in  sad shape right now and indesperate  need of a facelift due to their Pumpkin Orange ripped faux leather they’re rocking currently. You’ll have to trust me that they’re in horrid shape until I can take some photos.
  • Fabric. It’s the basis of the whole room, so I’m paying special attention to the mix of patterns and colors in this space. Some of the swatches I ordered just arrived today and I can’t even begin to say how much I’m In love with some of the options.
  • Closet Doors.  right now they’re plain pathetic bi-fold doors but I have big plans for them. I’ll give you a hint though it rhymes with birrors.
  • Quilt. A key piece of the inspiration room that I’ll need to figure out how to make/hack one to get the look I want.
  • Sewing. Yup once I get the fabric choices nailed down I’ll be sewing all of the curtains and pillow for the space.
  • Storage Baskets. In a bedroom this size you’re always looking for some creative ways to store things. Storage baskets on top of the bookshelves will do wonders to add height and it never hurts to have another spot to stash stuff.
  • Bookshelves. These bookshelves have turned into the dumping ground or forgotten, unwanted or lost items and needs some major organizing or restyling to make them work in the space.
  • Hang Television. The TV needs to come off of the dresser and hung on the wall like yesterday to really make this space functional.
  • Rehang Door. For reasons unknown to us our bedroom door swings the wrong way into the room, blocking the flow of traffic and making it generally impossible to turn the light on or off in the room. It’s not functional and mildly annoying on a good day.
  • Ceiling fan. Replace it…need I say more?
  • Paint & Molding . Paining, adding crown molding and replacing the baseboards will go a long way to making this a cozy retreat.

So those are the things I can think of off the top of my head and boys does it feel like a lot. The plan is to take things slow move down the list one at a time, tackling the small things as we save money for the larger items. As for timing we really don’t have a deadline in mind. We’re just going to work our way through the list one step at a time as money and time permits.

So does anyone else have insane lists they like to keep. Entire rooms that need redoing? Or do you just LOVE to repaint? Tell us all about it.

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