A Pair of Chairs, an Emu and an Alpaca



Unorthodox post title you say, not in our world, in our world it’s just another average day discussing decorating decisions between Bryan and I.

But let’s start at the beginning shall we? With these 2 very vintage chairs that used to belong to my great-grandmother. Yes I said great-grandmother. I’ve actually been hanging onto these chairs for quite some time storing them in my in-laws attic for just the right place to bring them into the house and rescue them from their very orange, very neglected and very vinyl state that they are currently in. In short, they’re a mess.

Old Chairs

I’ve always loved these chairs for their fantastic modern lines, nail head trim and piping detail. But right now they’re in pretty pathetic shape. When you touch them they feel sticky, even though we’ve cleaned them a couple of times so they’re suitable enough to bring indoors and  there’s one spring that needs some replacing.

Old Chairs 2

They’re the perfect size and scale for our bedroom and will fit snugly in their new home between the bookcase that flank the window in our room once our entire plan comes together. We’re planning to reupholster these, hopefully (fingers crossed) on our own with the help of a lot of you tube videos and a few great blog posts…Well that’s the plan anyway.

Bedroom Before

As for the bedroom I’ve chosen the key fabric for the room. It’s Silsila, Curry fabric from Tonic Livingat around $25 a yard it’s not cheap but we’ll be using it on pillows and accents around the room so it won’t be ridiculously expensive.


via Tonic Living

I’m kind of in love with it. It’s so much prettier in person than it is online. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. As far as other fabrics in the room everything else is still very much in the air (more on that in another post).

Which brings me back to our currently very vinyl chairs.  I’m thinking a somewhat neutral faux leather would be perfect on these. I can bring them from room to room if I ever want to switch things up. Faux leather would also be a stain and sticky finger resistant option, an added bonus in my mind.


Emu Faux Leather

I sent this picture to Bryan asking what he thought.

Bryan said, “How about black?”

I responded “Brown will look better with the fabric I showed you the other day.”

Bryan then said, “what is that alligator”

I responded “No, it’s faux Emu, and no I’m not kidding.”

emu 2

Emu image via

Bryan’s response “Of course you’re not kidding, what’s the matter you couldn’t find faux Alpaca?”


Alpaca image via

…and that’s how an Emu and an Alpaca came to be a part of our conversation on bedroom chairs.

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