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My Inspiration This Week



Merry Christmas Eve, Eve Everyone! I hope everyone’s halls are decked and presents are wrapped. We’re still working our way to the finish line around here.

Before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to leave you with something that I’ve been admiring for a while. The more and more furniture I see from Somerset Bay the more I fall in love with their gorgeous updated coastal, beachy, lakehouse style. I mentioned the other day that i was a bit on the obsessed side with the Catalina bed (pictured below) by Somerset Bay. I’ve keep going back to their site looking at all of their furniture and I want to take every piece home with me. They have so many beautiful colors and styles. Below are a few of my favorites from Somerset Bay.

imageCatalina Bed via


Sullivan’s Island Bench via

imageSlip Seat Carmel via

imageCrisfield End Table via


Long Key Chest via


Crisfield Bookshelf via


Catskill Cocktail Table via

So let’s play what’s your favorite piece? Mine is still the Catalina Bed but I’m also loving the Long Key Chest and the Sullivan’s Island Bench and the Slip Seat Carmel. I can’t decide!

Plans For The Not-So-Distant Future



Hello, and welcome to our little house by the lake…so happy you’ve stopped by! If you’re new here you might want to come visit our Lake Tours page, grab a cup of coffee, take a look around and enjoy this beautiful lake we get to call home. Or you can subscribe to our RSS feed for updates. Welcome to Our Lake House!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas. I cannot wait. Even though Christmas is just around the corner and has put our Master Bedroom update on hold for now. I’ve still been gathering all the bits and pieces of the plan together so I’m ready to attack when the holidays are all said and done.

So let’s talk about something other then Christmas for this post…shall we?

For those of you who are new around here, you can see how it’s all been going down with our new bedroom plan here and how we’re were planning to go full steam ahead here.

Finally I think I’ve settled on a an overall direction and we’re about ready to start, that is once the dust settles after all the gifts are opened.

Bedroom Board 3

But let’s have a bit of a refresher. If you recall we started with this inspiration photo below. That’s not to say our version will come out looking exactly like this but it’s always nice to know the look and feel you’re trying to accomplish before you start picking things all willy nilly.

Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook


Once I had the vision established it was on to the fun part, picking out pieces that I wanted to bring into the space, for our very own version, cottage, farmhouse, lake-house vibe.

Here’s what we’re starting with it’s a bit on the green and orange side and smaller than our inspiration image but I think we can do it.

MB Before 2

Let’s start with the paint color, I want something lighter and brighter this time around so we’re going to go with Martha Stewart brand paint at Home Depot in Milk.

Originally I  had picked this piece of fabric which I loved and still do for the pillows on the bed, but after trying unsuccessfully to find curtain fabric for the windows that I was completely happy with and that (a)matched the fabric below and (b) still lent itself to our inspiration image it was back to the drawing board  so to speak. silsilacurry

Bedroom Board 3



I found this curtain fabric that I’m head over heals in love with number 1 Robert Allen’s Khandar Fabric in Jewel. It has the same ikat reference as our inspiration image does in the drapes albeit on a much smaller scale and will have the same color impact. I sent out for a fabric sample the other day and it is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to order the fabric and get started.


Next I wanted a floral fabric for pillows that reminded me of the large scale floral in our Inspiration Room and would replace the one I originally picked but couldn’t match. And it had to be at a much lower price point than the look we’re trying to copy.

Our inspiration room’s Hot House Flowers by Schumacher came in at over $128 per yard.  Yeah,  I’m not spending $200 on pillows. I need to sew myself. Not…Happening. The fabric I’ve chosen is number 9 on the inspiration board Braemore’s Wonderland Pearl Fabric and at  $29.74 per yard it’s a much more manageable price for 2 pillows than the Schumacher piece. Also in person it totally matches the colors in the curtain fabric. Finally I found the hounds tooth in number 8 is a great small scale geometric that could add a lot of dimension and interest.


image I am somewhat obsessed with number 2 on our inspiration board the Catalina bed by Somerset Bay. There’s a couple of things to consider here first, it might be a it pricey. I have no idea what the price point is but I can only imagine. I’m worried that it could overpower our small room. Right now, I’m trying to figure out a way we could get the look on a budget. Of course I’ll keep you posted when I figure it out/break down and buy the bed throwing the budget to the wind because I love it that much.


Our current old nightstands left much to be desired in the way of functionality. They’re too short to be practical and they’re literally older than me. They definitely need some sprucing up to be the pretty pieces they once were. We’ve got plans for them, but not in this space. Our number 3 on the board Pottery Barn’s Sophia Bedside table is the perfect mix of cottage style with a big drawer, height and extra storage that our nightstands we have now are seriously lacking. At $349 a piece they’re really not that pricey.


Number 4 the Long Key chest from Somerset Bay, the same manufacturer as the bed, I’m obsessed with is to-die-for. I love all of Somerset Bay’s Furniture with all the different color options and am quietly contemplating how to buy the entire line. The mushroom color in our space would be ideal. The detailing on it is incredible. I’m thinking of trying to transform our current dresser into something similar. I have a couple ideas involving dowels, wood glue and paint of course. I hope it works out the way I have it in my head. I love when that happens. I’m really excited to try it out but that may have to wait depending on the weather. It’s no fun to refinish furniture in the snow.

imageNumber 5 Ballard’s Olivia Mirrored side table would be perfect in between two chairs. At $99 it’s a total steal and really reminds me of some of the shapes and finished in our inspiration room. I think I’m sold on this piece.  It’s a perfect size to add a tiny little lamp and set down a book in the bedroom next to our vintage chairs from my Great Grandmother.


Which brings me back to our chairs that need reupholstering. Here’s a refresher of what they look like now.

Very Orange and torn and totally in need of some love.


I’m planning on a neutral fabric with nail head trim so I can easily move them from room to room should I tire of them in the space or just want to change things up a bit. It’s a fabric form Joann’s Christopher Lowell line and is so much prettier in person than the picture. It’s a pale gold color with a slight horizontal strié. It’s pretty and subtle with ton of texture. The nail head trim will be a perfect touch on top of the fabric bringing these chairs back to life.


Finally to the bedding, I’m loving number 6 on our board the handmade reproduction quilt inspired by our space. It’s for sale on Etsy for $550, it’s such a pretty work of art but it’s probably more than I’m willing/able to spend on a quilt. It does have my wheels turning however.

That’s it. Whew that was a a long post! Of course some things we may tweak along the way just like our original fabric choice that’s gotten totally thrown out the window. I can’t wait to get started. For those of you that made it this far, you can follow along on all my whims and picks for this bedroom makeover on my Farmhouse Inspiration board on Pinterest here or follow all my Pinworthy Picks here.

The Weekend




Happy Weekend before Christmas everyone! Is everyone ready for the big day? The good news is that I’m done shopping for gifts, the bad news is that I still have to wrap them all.

The other day I noticed my gifts-to-wrap pile keeps getting mysteriously larger. I investigated last night (dusting off my Nancy Drew skills) it seems that Bryan has been piling the gifts he bought (that aren’t mine) on the wrapping pile.

He knows I’m onto him…this morning I casually mentioned it and he walked out of the room with a sheepish grin…He thinks he’s gotten away with it.  OH BOY will he be surprised when I break out the wrapping paper and tape tonight and recruit him as sheepish grinning elf!

May your weekend be Merry and Bright and filled with your own elves!

Brownies and Cookies Oh My!



Just stopping in quickly to share some of the yummy treats I make every year at this time. I have a little confession to make, I’m not really a big brownie (or chocolate for that matter) fan. I know weird right, but these are an old recipe my Mom always bakes. Every time someone new tries them the first question; “Is that a three tiered Brownie?”, followed by the second question; “Can I have the recipe?”

Brownies and Cookies

It’s an old Tri-Level Brownie recipe from Better Homes and Gardens. They are super simple to make, although do require a bit more time than traditional brownies because the 3 layers are made individual.

Brownies and Cookies 2

The top fudge layer is amazing, I use this part of the recipe for everything from Sugar Cookie Icing to Chocolate Covered Strawberries…It’s that good, and easy to make.

The other cookie, which happens to be my personal favorite are the traditional rolled Hungarian Cream Cheese Cookie with Apricot filling.

Brownies and Cookies 3

So delicious and a unique cookie, traditionally filled with Apricot, Cherry, or Lekvar (Prune filling) these cookies are on the must bake list at my house every year.

Brownies and Cookies 4

Tri-Level Brownie Recipe found here

Cream Cheese Cookies Recipe


  • 1 cup butter or margarine, softened
  • 1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened
  • 2 cups flour
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • Your choice of Apricot Pastry filling, Raspberry Jelly or Lekvar


Cream butter and cream cheese till fluffy; blend in sugar. Stir together flour, salt and baking powder; Stir into cream cheese mixture. Cover chill dough several hours or overnight.

On light floured surface, roll each portion into a rectangle, cut into 2 1/2 inch squares. Place a dot of filling into center of each square. Bring up two diagonal corners to center, pinching together to seal.

Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees till firm but not brown, about 11 minutes.

Trust me they’re delicious and even from a  non brownie lover like myself those tri-level brownies are fantastic! Speaking of cookies I think I’ll go eat twenty one right now, enjoy everybody!

The Halls Have Been Decked



Ok well maybe not the halls but the Living Room certainly has been decked out for Christmas. Welcome to our little house on the lake all gussied up for the Holidays. Come on in and take a look around.

Deck the Living Room

I like to keep it relatively simple around here for the Holidays.

Deck the Living Room 2

A few little Holiday odds and ends laid about the house are all that’s really needed to add some Christmas style.

Deck the Living Room 3

With the tree of course being the main stair in the room.

Deck the Living Room 4

As if a 7ft tree places in a room could be anything but the star of the show.

Deck the Living Room 5

Most of our ornaments have been collected over time. My friend gave me this colorful owl tied to a present last year. I think they still have them at Pier 1 this year, I might just have to go pick up a few more.

Deck the Living Room 6

This ornament holds a special place in my heart. I gave versions of these out to my Bridesmaids for gifts on my wedding day.

Deck the Living Room 7

My husband knows I love ornaments, each year on my birthday he’d buy me a special ornament like the one above.

Deck the Living Room 8 Deck the Living Room 10

Our newly finished mantel is all dolled up with some fresh evergreen branches from the yard.

Deck the Living Room 11

Monogrammed Needlepoint Stockings and some more ornaments of different sizes .

Deck the Living Room 9

And the Beaded Trees I just made the other day are making an appearance on the mantel now. Deck the Living Room 12

I hope you enjoyed our little tour. Are you all ready for the Holidays? I’m getting there, I still have ALL the wrapping to do! If you don’t hear from me soon send reinforcements…with tape and scissors preferably!

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