A Very Etsy Felt Christmas Ornament Collection



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As I unwrap each ornament to decorate the tree I’m always drawn to the lovely little felt ornaments I’ve collected over the years. Not to mention the added bonus of being super kid friendly, felt ornaments give our tree a hand made, collected over time feel that I love.

Each year I purchase a few new ornament to add to my ever growing collection. I’ve been on an Etsy hunt for a few special felt ornaments to add to my growing collection or use them as very special gifts tags for very special people. Below are a few of my very favorite felt ornaments on Etsy.

Felt Ornaments 2

1. Green Ornament $18.00; 2. Hippie Felt Ornament $7.75; 3. Santa Ornament $20.00; 4.  Partridge in a Pear Tree $14.00; 5. Christmas Lights $25.00; 6. Retro Ornaments $18.00; 7. Christmas Tree $24.00; 8. Peace Dove $8.00; 9. Russian Doll $15.00

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