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No matter how prepared I am for the Holidays I always feel the angst of the mad dash as Christmas grows nearer and the list of things to do grows longer.

Of course it doesn’t help that we added, on top of a normally busy time, the building of a new fireplace surround. What was I thinking? Oh right, I was thinking how nice it would look to hang the stockings on a wonderful new mantel and actually have room for a tree because the TV was up and off the floor. Guess what, I was totally right! It looks fantastic!

It’s so close to being done and ready to hang the stockings and add some garland I can’t wait to have a fire going with the stockings hung and the garland strung.

Here’s a sneak peak of how it’s looking now.

Fireplace 2

We’ve white washed the front to give it a cozy cottage lake house feel, all that’s left is to stain the top of the mantel the same Red Mahogany stain as the floors, just to tie the whole thing together.

In the meantime as you can see the tree peaking out in the photo above we’ve been decorating away as the tree sits in it’s new home where the TV once was. It’s such a big improvement over when we had to put the tree in front of the sliding glass doors, just to the right of the fireplace in the photo above. Talk about a traffic pattern block!

Wedding Ornaments

I love decorating the tree , I’m a bit of an ornament collector and have been buying ornaments for years, even before I had a home and tree of my own. Some of them of course are more sentimental than others like the gold ones above that we gave out at our wedding as favors. Every time I put them up I remember sitting on the floor the week before our wedding hand wrapping each ornament. Good thing we didn’t have 400 guests!

Well that’s all for now, I promise to show more Monday as the tree gets finished and the stocking are hung. Until then I’m off to bake some Christmas Cookies, Brownies and all sorts of fun treats! Yum, Delicious!

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