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It’s been a jam packed weekend around here, full of baking and crafts, and here’s a project I whipped up over the weekend, a beaded Christmas tree created with cone forms and beaded garland. It’s so sparkly and festive, and is the perfect last minute craftiness right before the holiday.

Beaded Trees

These are so simple to create, you can make them in all different sizes and colors. You could even have a very blingy Christmas forest on your mantle, or make little ones at each place setting.


Cone forms (I used both the cardboard kind and foam kind), beaded garland ( I used 5, 18 foot strands for the 3 trees), hot glue gun, ribbon, green craft paint.

Beaded Tree Supplies

Here’s the simple step-by-step process:

Step 1:

If you’re using a cardboard form paint the cardboard with green craft paint so that any gaps in between the beads would look like the tree peaking through the decorations. If you’re using a green foam form you can skip this step.

Step 2:

Wrap Beads

Starting from the bottom up begin hot gluing the beads to the foam cone. Continue wrapping the beads around the cone pushing each bead so that it settles into the space in between the beads in the row below.  Continue Wrapping

Step 3:

Wrap a ribbon around the base of your beaded tree, securing in the back with a dab of hot glue.


Step 4:

Stand back and marvel at your sparkly new Christmas Craft.

After working with both the cardboard and foam cones, I preferred the cardboard forms, they were easier to glue onto and I liked that they were pointier at the top, where the foam ones were cut off at the top.


These did take some time to complete, each tree took around 30 minutes of hot glue time, but it’s a easy project you could do in front of the TV. They look so cute on a silver tray with some natural greens and a few ornaments strewn about. They’d make a great sparkly addition to any Christmas table or mantle.

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