The Halls Have Been Decked



Ok well maybe not the halls but the Living Room certainly has been decked out for Christmas. Welcome to our little house on the lake all gussied up for the Holidays. Come on in and take a look around.

Deck the Living Room

I like to keep it relatively simple around here for the Holidays.

Deck the Living Room 2

A few little Holiday odds and ends laid about the house are all that’s really needed to add some Christmas style.

Deck the Living Room 3

With the tree of course being the main stair in the room.

Deck the Living Room 4

As if a 7ft tree places in a room could be anything but the star of the show.

Deck the Living Room 5

Most of our ornaments have been collected over time. My friend gave me this colorful owl tied to a present last year. I think they still have them at Pier 1 this year, I might just have to go pick up a few more.

Deck the Living Room 6

This ornament holds a special place in my heart. I gave versions of these out to my Bridesmaids for gifts on my wedding day.

Deck the Living Room 7

My husband knows I love ornaments, each year on my birthday he’d buy me a special ornament like the one above.

Deck the Living Room 8 Deck the Living Room 10

Our newly finished mantel is all dolled up with some fresh evergreen branches from the yard.

Deck the Living Room 11

Monogrammed Needlepoint Stockings and some more ornaments of different sizes .

Deck the Living Room 9

And the Beaded Trees I just made the other day are making an appearance on the mantel now. Deck the Living Room 12

I hope you enjoyed our little tour. Are you all ready for the Holidays? I’m getting there, I still have ALL the wrapping to do! If you don’t hear from me soon send reinforcements…with tape and scissors preferably!

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