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Well hello everybody, I can’t believe it’s 2012 already! Boy time flies. We had the most wonderful week last week hanging around the house, playing with our Christmas Booty, with some lounging and movie watching thrown in. Unfortunately it’s back to work today for us all. Back to reality.

So now that Christmas has come and gone and our few glorious days of laying around on the couch came to a close I got inspired to begin implementing our plan for our Master Bedroom updates.

To us it seems like we’ve never really gotten the room to where we wanted it. When we moved in we put some green paint on the walls (that we weren’t totally in love with after the fact) and placed our bed and old nightstands in the room and called it OK for now, especially with all the other more pressing projects we had planned for the house the Bedroom got put on the back burner.


Actually we’ve had a number of compliments on the green paint saying it’s cozy and cocoon like, but we’re not convinced and we’re ready for a change anyway. One lesson we’ve learned over the years is that we’ll always be tweaking and moving things around. What we liked yesterday we will most certainly want to change up over time even if it’s not as dramatic as changing the paint on the walls or getting a new piece of furniture. We’ll most certainly change this along the way in whatever we decide to do now. It’s just some of the fun of the process.

Anyway the first couple of tweaks we’ve got going on is the addition of our 2 new Bed Side Tables. We are stupid in love with these guys. For the last 4 years we’ve been using side tables from my parent’s old living room, which were about 6 inches too short, which was inconvenient to reach out of the bed to put something on and only had one teeny tiny drawer that didn’t fit much.


But thanks to an awesome Pottery Barn Rewards from our couch purchase back in April that was about to expire purchased the first Pottery Barn’s Sophia Bedside table mentioned here in our Bedroom inspiration board table and an awesome Christmas gift from my parents to complete the set. We now have that extra 6 inches of height that the old Side Tables were so desperately lacking. We can finally put a glass of water down comfortably and with the added bonus of deeper more usable drawers we’re crazy excited about our new purchase. Yeah we’re secretly doing a happy dance at the new functionality the Bedside Tables add.


Of course this is only the first step in our Master Bedroom makeover and only one of the tweaks we’ve just recently done. We also changed out the shades on the Bedside lamps to a cleaner more modern drum shade from Target for $16 each. The old ones were looking a bit to traditional with the bell shape and I love how simple changes can really update up the look of an item. Same lamps +New shade = muy updated look. B also now has a vintage Brass fish sitting on his side table that I found on Etsy and a sweet painting a local artist painted of our lake which was also a great random Etsy find.


My great grandmother’s vintage chairs have found their way into the bedroom flanked by the two bookcases B and his Dad built for us a few years back while they wait for us to decided on a fabric and get to the big project of reupholstering them. Honestly, I think there is horse hair in them so we’ll have to take that project one step at a time when we get around to tackling it. I’m kind of apprehensive about yanking out all that horse hair, but I know that it’ll all be worth it in the end.


We’ve also added the Ballard Designs Olivia Mirrored Side Table in Antique Brass in between the vintage chairs, topped it off with a Mercury Glass Lamp from HomeGoods and a couple of vintage brass quails that now live on the table that B bought me from Etsy for Christmas. Between the Fish on the Bedside table the Antique Brass Table nestled between the chairs and the Vintage Quails it seems there is a brass theme emerging around here and I’m kind of loving it.


On the bed we changed out the old Orange Duvet cover for the Pottery Barn essential quilt in Ivory which is thinner than I expected from the catalog pictures but so amazingly warm and bonus for anyone who wants to buy it I think it’s on sale right now for even less than we paid for it on sale a couple weeks back. Underneath is a  Cream Coverlet from Target that matches the other cream tones in the room, because I love to sleep in a cool room with lots of layers to keep me warm. It also adds to the warm snuggly look on a bed


All in all it’s already looking a lot more pulled together but in reality there’s still a lot to do to see our inspiration board I pulled together come to life.


Like painting the entire room a more neutral color, sewing new drapery panels from the Robert Allen ikat fabric (number 1 on our board), sewing new colorful floral pillows for the bed (number 9 on our board). Possibly adding a colorful Vintage quilt, drooling over the amazing bed (number 2 on our board), hanging artwork and the million on project details that will go into the room before we can call it done-for-now, since we never call anything truly done around here. Oh and if you’d like to see all the source for our Inspiration Board we detail them here.

I’m loving how it’s turning out so far and can’t wait to see it evolve over the next few weeks/months as we implement our Inspiration board, change our mind 100 times on fabric, do some more DIY projects. Oh how I love a good room makeover.

Anyone else got some bedroom tweak age going on of the redecorating variety? Whether it be new lamp shades or a Coverlet change it’s amazing how little things really add up to one big whole. We’d love to hear about it.

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  • The Southern Product Queen

    It’s linky party time again! This post would be great at it if you wanna share it! Here is the link! http://www.thesouthernproductqueen.com/one-stop-shoppe-linky-party

  • High Street Cottage

    It’s looking pretty amazing so far! I love all the colors! Such a change from all the whites we see, which I do love, but my heart adores color also! Wonderful job!

  • lilwhitelife

    Hi I saw your link at abeachcottage’s good life wednesday post and had to come check it out. I love befores and afters and thanks to your sharing the process with us in blogland, even get to see the durings. I love all the choices you made. Your bedroom is going to be beautiful and happy.I am enjoying reading about and seeing the whole process. I love your nightstands they are sooo cute. Now, off to check out your sources link. Have a beautiful day! Leslie

    • Maria

      Why thank you Leslie for such the nice comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Right not I’m working on curtains for the new space. I can’t wait to get them up and I’ll be sure to take pics as soon as I do and share the whole thing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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