Feeling Brassy



I’ve noticed a distinctly Brassy trend in our in-progress Master Bedroom  Makeover. First it was the vintage brass quails B bought me for Christmas. Probably because I casually mentioned them a number of times while he was within earshot which I then placed on the antique bronze side table from Ballard.


Then coincidentally because of my brass obsession I bought B a vintage Brass fish I was crushing on while browsing on Etsy for the above mentioned brass quails.


And my newly acquired love of all things brassy hasn’t stopped there. Blame it on Etsy is my new found mantra especially where this vintage brass addiction is concerned. So what’s a girl to do but to share some of my most favorite Etsy brassy finds of late with you all. Check them out below:

Feeling Brassy 2

1. Brass Kitties $48; 2. Magazine Rack $30; 3. Moroccan Tray $24; 4. Bamboo Tray $17; 5. Pineapple $45; 6. Shelf $15; 7. Brass Keyhole $50; 8. Gazelle $24.

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