Procrastination is the Best Time for Inspiration



As I procrastinate getting started on the drapes for our bedroom. In my infinite wisdom 😉 I  thought my time was better spent dreaming up what I’m going to do with my great-grandmothers chairs that are in desperate need of some reupholstering.

You may remember these guys from this post of olden days way back in November when I first introduced you to these beauties.


Sure they’re old and tattered bright orange vinyl but I have big plans for these guys.


They’re already made their way into our bedroom just hanging out waiting for some love and attention.

I’ve been going back in forth in my mind on what fabric type to use and, should it be leather or fabric, what kind of nail head detailing, contrast piping or not. Which brings me back to how I was procrastinating instead of working on the drapes I already have all the supplies for and instead I was looking around for just the right look for our chairs.

Lately I’ve been drawn to tons of light upholstery with contrast piping


Domicile id contemporary bedroom
Chic Living Room contemporary living room


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Then after all of that piping goodness I turned my attention to nail head trim. I heart nail head trim.

Shades of Grey dining room modern dining room
Dining Room eclectic dining room

I’m torn I can’t decide, so what do you think, nail head trim or contrast piping?

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