1. Lately we’ve been having the most glorious pink, orange, yellow and purple sunsets that reflect off the icy waters.

2. The orange and creamy yellow in the sunsets remind me of  Creamsicles and summer.

3. Creamsicles and summer are 2 of my favorite things. As I write this I’m wishing it was summer and I was sitting on my decking overlooking the orange summer sky eating a Creamsicle instead of sitting inside in my fuzzy slippers and fleece hoodie dreaming of summer.

4. I think I’m already sick of Winter.

5. This weekend we switched out the crib in Nikolas’ room to a big boy bed. When I told him it was time to go to sleep in his new bed he looked at me said “Noooope!” and promptly  ran the other way.

6. Good thing I’m bigger and faster than he is…at least for now.

7. I wish it was Wednesday so I could watch Revenge, yes it’s that GOOD.

8. The changing of the beds led to a cleaning out of the random clutter of things we don’t use.

9. That led to everything we don’t use being piled in the Kitchen so we could sort it, which gave me a headache to look at.

10. The headache led to a nice long Sunday afternoon nap.

11. The nap led to my headache going away…but it didn’t solve the disaster in the Kitchen.

12. I tried to Jeannie nod my head and blink, in case you were wondering it didn’t work.

13. Due to the bed changing activities and the disaster in the Kitchen, my curtains did not get sewn for my bedroom 🙁

14. I also tried to Jeannie blink those finished but that didn’t work either.

I’m off to sew my curtains

P.S. I’m totally not going to sew my curtains right now, I think I’ll try the Jeannie nod one more time.

P.P.S. The Jeannie nod didn’t work, I’m probably still not going to sew my curtains though 😉

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