Snow Fun



Saturday morning we woke up to a bunch of fresh fallen snow It snowed through most of the day but when it was done we were left with just the right amount of fluffy powder.


Enough to run, jump, sled and play in, but not too much that made walking more than 2 feet misery.

Sunday turned out to be the perfect time to take Nikolas out for his first real fun in the snow since last year when he was too little to give a crap. I anticipated in normal everyday almost 2 year old fashion, resistance to all of the layers of clothing that come along with fun in the snow. But a funny thing happened not one peep of resistance from this little man. Not a NOOOOO, not a WAIT WAIT, not a complaint.


This guy was ready. He had been planning his moment of snow attack looking longingly through the sliding glass door for almost 24 hours now.

P1150246 There was no time to be wasted posing for pictures for this little boy.


I on the other hand decided it was a perfect time to do just that…pose for some pictures. I’m camera shy sometimes 😉


Then we though he just might like to go for a sleigh ride in the back yard…judging by the dimples I’d say it was Nikolas approved. I just love those dimples, I fear for the amount of girls those dimples will attract in high school. I think I’ll just keep him 2 forever…ok maybe he could grow up to 4. Then he can stop. Yes I think that’s the plan.



Of course Bryan couldn’t let him have all the fun by himself.



After a few runs I decided it was my turn to get in on some of the action.


We then lost our riding buddy to his new favorite activity…eating snow of course. Good thing we didn’t have any of the yellow variety in our yard 😉 That would be just gross.


What were we doing while Nik was eating snow….posing for pics of course.

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