The Curtains Make the Room!



Remember when I said the curtains were hung and they looked MA-VA-LOUS. Well I took pictures as promised a and am back to share all the details of how totally awesome and how they’ve completely changed the look of the room. I’ll be back on Friday to share all the DIY instructions how to make easy lined drapes just like you see here but for now let’s just admire them.

Lake House Style DIY Bedroom Makeover

I’m loving the added height, color pattern and texture the curtains have added to our newly neutral bedroom. I have to say it took me FOREVER to find just the perfect fabric for these bad boys right here. But it was totally worth the wait. I was looking for something bright and bold but not too overpowering and of course I wanted some killer coordinating fabric for the pillows that tied the whole thing together all while paying homage to our inspiration room.

I must have ordered 20 samples before finally settling on the choices you see in the room. I’m so happy I took the time to order and wait for the samples it really made all the difference and is something I highly recommend. Even if it does cost a few dollars per sample it’s money well spent to ensure you get the look you’re after.

Lake House Style DIY Bedroom Makeover

But let’s go back to the beginning so you can see how the fabric choices all came together.   If you remember our inspiration room photo had the most amazing fabrics layered throughout the room.



What I wanted to take away from this room was the bold use of color, the mix of floral and geometrics and the layering of patterns and textures, all while staying away from the designer price tag. I was loving the Ikat referenced geometric fabric in the curtains from our inspiration room as well.

Lake House Style DIY Bedroom Makeover

I found this Robert Allen Khandar  fabric in Jewel and fell in love as soon as I got the sample in. It’s gorgeous fabric and perfect for drapery. I needed approximately 12 yards for the 4 curtains panels so at $14.95 per yard it would be around $45 per panel…not a steal in my mind but totally worth it when you compare the $200 per panel price tag of our inspiration room fabric.

The most amazing part was right before I went to purchase the fabric I found the very same fabric on fabricguru had a discounted selection on sale for $6.50 per yard because it had a tiny grease smudge about 3 quarters in. Yup, that works out to around $19.00 per panel which I don’t know if you’ve looked lately but i can’t EVER find designer looking drapery panel for that price ANYWHERE! If you know of some place let us know!

Oh and if wondering about the grease smudge…when we got the fabric there we 2 small (smaller than the size of a penny) slight grease marks that ended getting cut off in the end. So major score on our part for be willing to take a less than perfect run of fabric we saved over $100 off the retail price of the fabric.

Braemore Wonderland Pearl Pillows

The Floral pillow fabric from our easy peasy envelope pillows is Braemore Wonderland in Pearl and I also found it on eBay for around $10 per yard, another score since the fabric retails for around $30 per yard.

Lake House Style DIY Bedroom Makeover

Lake House Style DIY Bedroom Makeover

I’m really loving the mix of color and pattern that plays off the neutral background. The floral pillows and the stripes are a nice mix.Just so we can jog my memory because I love a good before and after, here’s what we started with.


Then with a little furniture tweakage and a new coat of paint it went to this.


I was pretty impressed with just the coat of paint. Now with the addition of some bright and cheery fabrics we’ve gone all the way to this


It really feels like the whole room is coming together now. So what’s next on the list you ask? Well , I’m thinking of restyling the bookshelves and adding some art to the walls. Then it will be on to reupholstering those chairs and adding some color to the end of the bed with a blanket I’m planning on sewing. But that will all come in good time. So what have you been up to lately. Do you have any tips for finding great fabric for less?

Update: If you want to learn how to make Professional Looking Lines Panels just like I did, check out the detailed step-by-step tutorial here.

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  • Samantha

    Um, wow. The curtains really do make the room! LOVE the fabric!!

  • dee dee

    I just love your room! The fabric is stunning and really pops against your new wall color!
    Great job!
    Dee Dee

  • Syndi @ Beachnut Lane

    Hi Maria, Love the curtains. The fabric is beautiful, Robert Allen has a nice selection. The room really looks great with the neutral paint, it lets the colors pop. I also like the artwork on top of your bookcases.
    I am working on redecorating my living room (still very much in the planning stage)and will be ordering some fabric samples this weekend…so much fun!

    • Maria

      Hey Syndi, thanks for stopping by and for all your compliments. Those paintings are actually my own. I’m always nervous about propping them places but they have been just sitting in a corner somewhere and I think the colors work on the room.

      I saw your living room fabric post. I love the ones your thinking of cant wait to see what you decide.


  • A Lived in Home

    You did such an amazing job! I too have pillows in the Wonderland Pearl fabric and love them. It’s such a gorgeous fabric. What a good contrast with the ikat fabric!

    • Maria

      Thank you, it really is a gorgeous fabric. I’m loving them. The ikat is a really nice one too, it drapes really well for curtains. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • sherika

    I love your room! So detailed and awesome fabrics!! So happy you came and linked up today!!

  • Rosemary

    This is a beautiful bedroom. What cheerful and inviting decor. Love it.

  • Janel @ Hating Martha

    This has such a natural, organic, lived in feel…it is simply wonderful! And the curtains are perfect!!

  • Ruth

    Love the colors you have brought into the room. It looks fantastic. My favorite is the seating area. Those chairs are dreamy!! Are they new or thrift finds.

    • Maria

      Thanks Ruth, the chairs are actually my great-grandmother’s chairs. I’ve been hoarding them in the attic for years waiting for a spot to put them. I’m so happy with where they are now. I’m really starting to like the color on them in the room but unfortunately they’re quite ripped in some places so reupholstering them is on the agenda soon. 🙂

  • katie goldsworthy

    Yup, You’re right! The room went from “really nice room” to, “I saw this room in a magazine” room!

    Thanks for linking this up @ Creatively Living!
    The room is BEAUTIFUL!!!


  • katie goldsworthy

    Giving this project a FB feature today 🙂

    @ Creatively Living

  • Eclectically Vintage

    I would love to feature your fabulous bedroom in my Exceptionally Eclectic series – please email me at

  • Linda Leyble

    Hi – lovely!!  This is so “me.”  I have been looking for some bedroom inspiration…so thank you.  In another comment I just left you, I asked what fabrics you used for the pillows and the drapes – and here I got my answer.  Thanks!


  • Stacey Remiker-Flesch

    this is so gorgeous!  i found you through a search on the Wonderland Pearl fabric, which is just my fave.  i also really love the Ikat too.  your inspiration pic is one of my favorites as well…Sarah Richardson is a design genius!!  before i even saw your inspiration pic, i thought to myself, that your room looked very much like a room Sarah R. would do.  you did a great job…love it all!!

    • OurLakeLife

      Such a lovely comment Stacey. I love Sarah Richardson Designs. Her use of color, texture and pattern is amazing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂

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